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Where to Find All Palworld Settlement Locations (With Maps and Coordinates)

Here's a complete list of all five settlement locations in Palworld, including the best points of interest.

There are five settlements in Palworld. You can buy supplies and trade goods with the NPCs, as well as build your own base, in these locations. Here, I’ve listed all settlement locations and their exact map coordinates to act as your companion guide while exploring.

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Every Settlement Location in Palworld

Palworld Settlement Location #1: Duneshelter

Duneshelter location map in Palworld
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Duneshelter is an abandoned city located in the Sand Dunes biome at the coordinates 356,347. It’s a great location for ore mining and obtaining rare crafting materials, such as High-Quality Pal Oil, required for crafting Muskets. You can also meet Black Marketeer NPCs here, who trade in illicit wares.

I was also surprised to discover that Duneshelter is a good place to farm Electric organs from Sparkit, Jolthog, Mossanda Lux, and Univolt. There’s a Level 47 Dinossaom Lux boss to the north of Duneshelter, and a Level 45 Suzaku boss to the south. Be sure to explore the Tower of PIDF to the east.

Palworld Settlement Location #2: Fisherman’s Point

Fisherman's Point location map in Palworld
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Fisherman’s Point is a large settlement on the southern shore of the Obsidian Mountain at coordinates -456, -759. It’s a true merchant hub, where you can easily find vendors to trade items with. You can also get a Huge Dragon Egg here, which you can place in the Egg Incubator and hatch into a powerful Jetragon pal. These eggs spawn randomly along the cliff edges at Fisherman’s Point.

I also stumbled across a Level 49 Blazamut boss to the city’s north, but be careful of its Magma Kaiser skill. There are also several areas around the settlement I wouldn’t ignore, including the Beach of the Everlasting Summer, Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre, and the Ancient Civilization Ruins just east of Fisherman’s Point. You can find Ancient Civilization Parts and unlock a rare Ancient Technology of crafting in these locations.

Palworld Settlement Location #3: No Man’s City

No Man's City location map in Palworld
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No Man’s City is an abandoned settlement located on No Man’s Trail, south of the Astral Mountain. While the city is huge, you can head to coordinates -90, -110 to find an entrance. Although this area is cold and generally hostile, I highly recommend exploring it. It offers some excellent opportunities! I discovered Huge Damp Eggs that can be hatched in the Egg Incubator and reward strong Suzaku Aqua Pals, which are flying fusion Pals with unique abilities.

You can also prepare for traveling north and exploring locations like Unthawable Lake and Pal Genetic Tower Research Unit. Additionally, you can face three Pal bosses:

Palworld Settlement Location #4: Ruined Fortress City

Ruined Fortress City location map in Palworld
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Ruined Fortress City is my personal favorite settlement in Palworld. It’s located at -562, -246 on the northern shore of the Obsidian Mountain. It covers a large area, which is very well protected from outside raids. This makes it a perfect spot for co-op multiplayer, especially if you’ve been able to set up your own dedicated server. There’s enough room for everyone to build their own separate bases.

Be sure to thoroughly explore all the abandoned rooms and pillars; they contain some truly unexpected eggs. This is also the only Palworld settlement besides Fisherman’s Point where you can find Huge Dragon Eggs and hatch Jetragon pals. The only way to get here is to use a flying pal, as this area’s completely surrounded by high cliffs on one side and the ocean on the other.

Palworld Settlement Location #5: The Small Settlement

The Small Settlement location map in Palworld
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The Small Settlement is a great place for beginners. Travel from the Plateau of Beginnings spawn point to coordinates 75, -479. It may not be very big, but it’s probably the most important spot on the map. It’s where you learn how to buy and sell resources. There’s also a merchant who offers essential items that you simply can’t play without.

On top of that, this area opens up a number of opportunities for discovering and battling your first pal bosses, such as:

  • Chillet (Level 11).
  • Penking (Level 15).
  • Azurobe (Level 17).

That’s it for my list of all settlement locations in Palworld. Stay tuned for more PW tips and tricks articles, including how to fix keybinding issues and problems and how to fix the no password has been entered error.

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