Where to Find All Tower Locations in Palworld (With Maps and Coordinates)

There are a number of boss Towers located around Palworld you can discover.

Character on Nightwing flying up to the Astral tower.
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Towers are the home of unique faction bosses of the Palpagos Islands. These are often hard to reach, looming over the surrounding region. These are all the Tower locations in Palworld with their accompanying coordinates.

Every Tower Location in Palworld (With Maps and Coordinates)

There are five towers throughout the Palpagos Islands. Each tower has its own boss duo that represents a different faction present in the area. They have their own goals and are aggressive towards you, your Pal friends, and wild Pals.

As part of the tutorial, you’ll need to defeat Zoe and Grizzbolt of the Rayne Syndicate. Afterwards, you’re free to take on the other towers in whatever order you see fit. Each tower has a fast travel statue near the entrance, allowing you to go back to base to prepare if needed.

Tower of the Rayne Syndicate Location

Tower of the Rayne Syndicate map location.
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Coordinates: 110, 432

Boss: Zoe and Grizzbolt

The Tower of the Rayne Syndicate is the first one you’ll encounter. It’s just north of the Windswept Hills starting zone. It’s easy to reach, not requiring you to climb mountains or fly to get to it. There’s a Syndicate Camp with a captured Pal nearby, however. So steer clear of them unless you’re prepared for a fight.

Tower of the Free Pal Alliance Location

Tower of the Free Pal Alliance map location.
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Coordinates: 180, 30

Boss: Lily and Lyleen

Located to the east of the main island, you’ll find the Free Pal Alliance Tower. It’s in the northern part of the island and is easy to reach if you fast travel to the Snowy Mountain Fork. From there, go directly east to reach it.

You’ll most likely run into the Free Pal Alliance and the Syndicate. The Free Pal Alliance members are only a little higher in level and even though their name is the Free Pal Alliance, they’re often attacking any nearby Pals. They often have more members with them, making them harder to deal with.

Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre Location

Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre map location.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Coordinates: -588, -518

Boss: Axel and Orserk

Located in the volcanic biome, the Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre is right on the rim of the volcano in Mount Obsidian. It’s quite a climb with high heat, so I suggest using a flying mount and equipping heat-resistant gear to get up here. I reached the tower with just the Heat Resistant Pelt Armor and nothing else, so it’s not as hard as others to reach.

Tower of the PIDF Location

Tower of the PIDF map location.
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Coordinates: 557, 334

Boss: Marcus and Faleris

Tower of the PIDF is in the desert biome of the northeastern island. If you know where the Desiccated Mineshaft is, you pretty much want to go directly north. You can also fast travel to the Dune Shelter Settlement at 356, 346 and travel east. The tower is up on a ledge that’s easy to scale with a flying mount like Nitewing.

In this region, it gets both hot and cold, much like a real desert. Equip the appropriate gear and bring Pal like Foxparks that radiates heat for nighttime travel. Both will keep you from succumbing to the elements.

Tower of the PAL Genetic Research Center Location

Tower of the PAL Genetic Research Unit.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Coordinates: -147, 446

Boss: Victor and Shadowbeak

This was the hardest tower for me to reach. Not only is it on the frozen island in the north, but there are barely any fast travel points close to the area. The closest is the Land of Absolute Zero statue at -238, 493. Between the frigid cold that saps up to 68 health per tick as I got closer to the summit of the Astral Mountains and the lack of scalable surfaces, it took me many tries.

What helped was having my Nightwing’s Partner Skill at level 2, along with an ice resistance accessory. Cold armor is mandatory to survive the whole trek. From there, use the ledges of the ancient ruins located west of it to help get you to the proper elevation without falling down the mountain face.

Those are all the locations for the five towers in Palworld. If you’re wondering what the best way to challenge each tower is or how to find resources in these areas, take a look at our guides vault.

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