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Who are the Rayne Syndicate and Free Pal Alliance in Palworld?

Who are the Rayne Syndicate and Free Pal Alliance in Palworld? Let's find out.

There are five factions in the Palworld. But the two most mysterious ones are the Rayne Syndicate and the Free Pal Alliance. Here, I’ll answer the question: Who are the Rayne Syndicate and Free Pal Alliance?

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What’s the Rayne Syndicate Faction in Palworld?

Rayne Syndicate is the first faction that I encountered in the game. It’s represented early on by the first boss fight at the Rayne Syndicate Tower. As I progressed, I also discovered many Syndicate outposts scattered throughout the map. Usually, these outposts contain anywhere from seven to 12 enemies. This includes Syndicate Thugs, Syndicate Gunners, Syndicate Grenadiers, Syndicate Elites, Syndicate Hunters, and Syndicate Crushers.

But what do these enemies do? Well, so far, they hold a caged Pal hostage, which you can free after clearing out their camp. Fortunately, the saved Pal can join my team, which makes the whole endeavor worthwhile. Additionally, I get the same amount of EXP points for freeing the caged pal, as if I had tamed it. Regarding lore, though, there’s still a lot to learn about this faction that will hopefully come to light with more Early Access updates.

Rayne Syndicate Tower location on the Palworld Map
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As for the Rayne Syndicate Tower, I marked its location on the map above. The coordinates are the following: 112, -431. Note that the tower is protected by Zoe and Grizzbolt, who, as I later figured, had to be defeated to unlock the fast travel point.

Grizzbolt is a Level 10 Pal who’s weak to Ground element. But it’s a tough fight without the right counter. I discovered that Rushoar and Fuddler can deal the most damage. But if you can’t bring these two Pals to the battle, then I’d at least try to get Dumud and Digtoise. I also recommend bringing a bow or a crossbow to dish out ranged damage, as Grizzbolt’s attacks can stun you at melee range.

Who are the Free Pal Alliance in Palworld?

As the name of this faction suggests, the Free Pal Alliance is seemingly all about protecting Pals from being exploited. I found the location of this faction’s tower in the snowy part of the Mountain Stream Grotto. Here are the exact coordinates of the location: 182, 30. This is the second tower that I’d visit after defeating the Rayne Syndicate.

Note that the Free Pal Alliance tower is protected by Lily and Lyleen, who’s a Level 25 Pal. I was surprised to learn just how powerful Lyleen’s Grass attacks are. That’s why I highly recommend using Fire pals against her, such as Pyrin or Pyrin Noct. But I understand if you don’t have them yet on your team. So, as an alternative, try out Incineram or Gobfin Ignis.

Free Pal Alliance Tower location on the Palworld Map
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I noticed that this faction has just as many outposts on the map as the Rayne Syndicate. The same rules apply here with the objective of releasing a caged Pal. The difference is that Free Pal Alliance outposts are protected by Free Pal Alliance Devouts. These enemies are much more dangerous than your typical Syndicate Thugs, as they wield single-shot rifles.

All this led me to a simple conclusion: equip the best gun you can get at this point. Once you defeat them and release the caged Pal, it’s yours forever. In simple terms, the Free Pal Alliance doesn’t really care about Pals. It just wants to keep them away from you! No wonder they’re always roaming Hypocrite Hill.

That answers the question: Who are the Rayne Syndicate and Free Pal Alliance in Palworld? Stay tuned for more PW tips and tricks articles, including a complete list of all 24 fusion pal breeding combinations and where to find all settlement locations.

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