Complete List of All 24 Fusion Pal Breeding Combinations in Palworld

Find out how to breed all 24 fusion pal combinations in Palworld using our quick guide.

Jolthog pals preparing for battle in Palworld
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Breeding in Palworld is just as fun and exciting as in that other popular game that starts with a P. But of course, there are certain differences. Here, I list all 24 fusion pals breeding combinations that are possible using 48 different species of parent pals.

How to Combine and Breed All 24 Fusion Pals in Palworld

In Palworld, you can breed any of the two male and female pal species, which results in a random Pal with none of its parent’s stats. I noticed that the stats of random Pal’s are weaker than those of its parents. However, there are 24 fusion Pal breeds that produce much stronger counterparts than their parents, so be sure to utilize them for your own good.

  1. Blazehowl Noct: Blazehowl + Felbat.
  2. Broncherry Aqua: Broncherry + Fuack.
  3. Dinossom Lux: Dinossom + Rayhound.
  4. Eikthyrdeer Terra: Eikthyrdeer + Hangyu.
  5. Elphidran Aqua: Elphidran + Surfent.
  6. Frostallion Noct: Frostallion + Helzephyr.
  7. Gobfin Ignis: Gobfin + Rooby.
  8. Hangyu Cryst: Hangyu + Swee.
  9. Incineram Noct: Incineram + Maraith.
  10. Jolthog Cryst: Jolthog + Pengullet.
  11. Kingpaca Cryst: Kingpaca + Reindrix.
  12. Leezpunk Ignis: Leezpunk + Flambelle.
  13. Lyleen Noct: Lyleen + Menasting.
  14. Mammorest Cryst: Mammorest + Wumpo.
  15. Mau Cryst: Mau + Pengullet.
  16. Mossanda Lux: Mossanda + Grizzbolt.
  17. Pyrin Noct: Pyrin + Katress.
  18. Relaxaurus Lux: Relaxaurus + Sparkit.
  19. Reptyro Cryst: Reptyro + Foxcicle.
  20. Robinquill Terra: Robinquill + Fuddler.
  21. Surfent Terra: Surfent + Dumud.
  22. Suzaku Aqua: Suzaku + Jormuntide.
  23. Vanwyrm Cryst: Vanwyrm + Foxcicle.
  24. Wumpo Botan: Wumpo + Lifmunk.
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Note that Frostallion Noct is a legendary fusion Pal with very strong Dark elemental skills. But once you mount it, your attacks turn into Ice attacks, and all your Ice skills are enhanced due to its Ice Steed perk. But this is just one example of many, so I highly recommend you try out many of these fusions to create truly powerful pals.

That’s it for my list of all 24 fusion pals breeding combinations in Palworld. Stay tuned for more PW tips and tricks articles, including how to fix co-op achievements not unlocking, and where to find all settlement locations.

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