Best Order to Defeat Tower Bosses and Their Locations in Palworld

Defeating tower bosses can be a difficult task in Palworld if faced too early.

Rayne Syndicate Tower during cinematic.
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The five tower bosses across the Palpagos Islands are some of the hardest enemies to face. This is the best order to defeat tower bosses in Palworld.

Is There an Order for Beating Tower Bosses in Palworld?

Each faction in Palworld has its own Tower. Battling the bosses inside and defeating them grants you various achievements and Ancient Technology Points. However, taking them on too early will lead to failure. As such, the best order is the one that follows your leveling milestones naturally, which is what I’ve put together. Here’s the easiest order to take on the bosses, including their levels, factions, and their Pals’ weaknesses.

All Palworld Tower Bosses in Order and Where to Find Them

Zoe and Grizzbolt — Rayne Syndicate Tower Location

Zoe and Grizzbolt battle banner.
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Coordinates: 111, -431

Level: 10

Health: 30,550

Weaknesses: Ground

Defeating Zoe and Grizzbolt is a tutorial quest when you start a new character. This is the first tower for you to confront, as it’s the lowest-leveled boss as well as the closest location to the Windswept Hills starting area. Bring a few Ground Pals, such as Rushoar or Fuddler, to take out Grizzbolt quickly.

Lily and Lyleen — Free PAL Alliance Tower Location

Lily and Lyleen battle banner
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Coordinates: 181, 29

Level: 25

Health: 69,375

Weaknesses: Fire

Lily and Lyleen are the next boss pair you should take on. They’re 15 levels higher than Zoe and Grizzbolt, so level your team up first. Bring a troupe of Fire Pals to take out Lyleen before she’s able to use any of her AoE attacks.

Axel and Orserk — Brothers of the Eternal Pyre Tower Location

Axel and Orserk battle banner.
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Coordinates: -585, -515

Level: 40

Health: 130,700

Weaknesses: Ice and Ground

Another big level jump occurs between Lily and Lyleen and Axel and Orserk. As the third tower boss you encounter, he marks the beginning of the endgame battles. Orserk is an Electric Dragon, so keep your party full of high-level and enhanced Ice and Ground Pals.

Marcus and Faleris — Tower of the PIDF Location

Marcus and Faleris battle banner.
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Coordinates: 556, 336

Level: 45

Health: 146,975

Weaknesses: Water

Faleris is only weak to Water Pals, so hatch a Huge Dragon Egg or catch a few Relaxasauruses for this fight. Equipping accessories that lower Fire damage and having any combat Partner Skill unlocked is essential to taking Marcus down.

Victor and Shadowbeak — PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower Location

Victor and Shadowbeak cinematic battle banner.
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Coordinates: -148, 449

Level: 50

Health: 200,745

Weaknesses: Dragon

Save Victor and his Shadowbeak for your final battle. He’s at max level, located in the hardest-to-reach tower. Having a Dragon team, or Pals that know Dragon skills, is crucial for surviving this combat. Hit the duo hard out of the gate because you can go down extremely fast in this confrontation.

That’s the order you should take on the tower bosses in Palworld. Each scales in level, are located in progressively harder-to-reach towers, and defended by deadlier Pals. If you’re looking for Huge Eggs to buff up your team, the best subspecies breeding, or how to make your base impenetrable, climb over to our guides vault for help.

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