Huge Dragon Egg in Palworld.
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Where to Find Huge Eggs in Palworld: Locations with Maps and Coordinates

Huge Eggs give you rare Pals when hatched in Palworld.

Huge Eggs provide the chance to hatch rare and hard-to-catch Pals. Difficult to find with lower spawn rates, this is where to find Huge Eggs in Palworld. I’ve included maps and coordinates to help your search, pinpointing exactly where to go.

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Where do Huge Eggs Spawn the Most in Palworld?

Hunting down Huge Eggs can be an endeavor. No guaranteed spawns exist, and Eggs that do spawn can become different elemental types when they appear. This can be frustrating, but there are certain regions in which specific eggs spawn frequently. Use the links I’ve made below to jump down to a specific Egg type.

Best Huge Common Egg Spawn Locations

Huge Common Eggs are one of the harder ones to find. Common Eggs can spawn anywhere, and they’re not tied to any single environment. I haven’t found one myself, but I typically see Huge Common Eggs in the autumn and in grassy regions of the map.

Best Huge Damp Egg Spawn Locations

Damp Eggs like water, and while you can spend your time cruising along beaches and coastlines looking for them, Huge Damp Eggs frequently spawn at the Cold Shore. Search along the beach and up into the foliage to increase your chances.

Best Huge Dark Egg Spawn Locations

Similar to the Common Egg, the Huge Dark Egg doesn’t have a specific spawn area. Most of the Dark Eggs I’ve found are on cliffsides or atop rocky outcroppings. Use a flying mount for this hunt, as you’ll need to search extensively.

Best Huge Dragon Egg Spawn Locations

I’ve been lucky enough to have success finding Huge Dragon Eggs near the Ancient Ritual Site fast travel point. I found a second Huge Dragon Egg north of the Fishing Village near Mount Obsidian. The coordinates are: 813,-569.

Best Huge Electric Egg Spawn Locations

Electric Pals love the heat and can be found in the desert areas of the map. To find a Huge Electric Egg, head to the Desiccated Desert on the northeast island. I found the most success in this area, especially around the Desiccated Mineshaft.

Best Huge Frozen Egg Spawn Locations

Huge Frozen Egg
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Like Damp Eggs, Frozen Eggs prefer the water. They also like the cold, which can pose a problem if you’re unprepared for it. However, you can find Huge Frozen Eggs in the Cold Shore. Additionally, you can find Huge Frozen Eggs in the Astral Mountains, the coldest biome in Palworld. There’s an abundance of Eggs around the Tower of the PAL Genetic Research Unit, as well as the ledges on the way up the mountain.

Best Huge Rocky Egg Spawn Locations

Rocky Eggs like a dry climate, especially the desert and autumn areas of the map. I’ve had the most luck finding them near Anubis, especially on top of the Anubis statue. There are plenty of rock towers to check in the area, as well.

Best Huge Scorching Egg Spawn Locations

I’ve had the most success finding Huge Scorching Eggs. The single best place to find them is the center of the volcano at Mount Obsidian. You can also find Eggs in the lava flows to the east above the giant skeleton. While this is the best place to go, I’ve also found Huge Scorching Eggs in the Desiccated Desert. Essentially, any area with environmental heat damage is a good place to check.

Best Huge Verdant Egg Spawn Locations

Verdant Eggs spawn anywhere with lush vegetation. That doesn’t narrow down the search area. Thankfully, there’s one location where more Huge Verdant Eggs appear more than anywhere else. Go to the Gobfin’s Turf fast travel statue, and search the winding area circled in the image above. Verdant Eggs typically spawn under trees, near bushes, and on ledges, so check every nook and cranny.

Those are all the spawn areas for the different Huge Eggs in Palworld. For more on hatching Huge Eggs, how to breed new subspecies, or where to find rare Pals, fly over to our guides hub.

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