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How to Breed Anubis in Palworld

Want to add a demigod-level Pal to your collection in Palworld? Here's how to breed Anubis.

Anubis is one of the patron deities of Palworld and also a level 47 boss you can encounter out in the wild. If you know how to breed Anubis, however, you can create, curate, and improve the jackal-headed demigod to your liking. Then put them to work on an assembly line.

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How to Breed an Anubis Pal in Palworld

The Anubis Pal standing in a field in Palworld
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Before you can breed Anubis in Palworld, you need to gather the right materials and parent Pals. Here are all the steps you need to take:

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  • Catch a Chillet and Quivern of opposite genders. To breed Anubis, you first need the proper pair of parents, one male, one female. Which Pal is which doesn’t matter, so long as they’re a proper breeding pair.
The recipe to craft a Cake in Palworld
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  • Bake a Cake. Cake is essential to Pal breeding, sort of like how Nuts are in Final Fantasy VII chocobo breeding. To bake a Cake, you need five units of Wheat, eight Red Berries, seven units of Milk, eight Eggs, and two units of Honey. You’ll also need a Cooking Pot, a good Kindling Pal, and some patience. Even a level two Kindling Pal needs a good 15 minutes to get the cake fully ready.
Quivern and Chillet Pals in the Breeding Farm in Palworld
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  • Place the Chillet and Quivern in a Breeding Farm with Cake. If the two Pals are compatible, you should see a message in the Breeding Farm that reads, “Love is blossoming between the two Pals!” Here’s the tricky part, though. While both the Quivern and Chillet need to be assigned to a breeding Ranch with a Cake in the storage box, in my experience, both Pals are big and awkward enough that actually getting them to stay there is inconsistent at best. If you find your Pals keep leaving the Farm to do other tasks, you can either rebuild the Farm, put your Pals in and out of the Pal Box, or restart the game. You can also simply wait a little while, and the problem might solve itself. The assignment issue is probably a bug devs can patch later on.
  • Wait for the Pals to produce a Huge Rocky Egg. If everything goes to plan, after about another fifteen minutes, your Chillet and Quivern should produce a Huge Rocky Egg that contains an Anubis Pal.
Three Huge Rocky Eggs incubating in Palworld
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  • Place the Huge Rocky Egg in an Incubator and wait some more. As a Huge Egg, the Huge Rocky Egg that produces Anubis needs a lot of time and a lot of heat to incubate properly. I had three Campfire and three Heaters going at once, and the damn thing was still “just a bit cold.” At a 50% increased incubation rate, my wait for my Anubis was about 80 minutes. That number gets cut to around 40 minutes or so if you provide enough heat to make the egg comfortable.

Once your egg hatches, it should produce an Anubis Pal. It’ll be at level one and can inherit one or more of the Passive Skills of its parents. If you’re unlucky like I was, your new Anubis can also hatch with some negative Passives as well, like Brittle, which reduces its overall Defense by 20%. The opposite is also true, and you might end up with an even more powerful version of Anubis than you expected.

You can also leave as many Cakes as you want in the Breeding Farm, and your Quivern and Chillet will continue producing Eggs for as long as you have Cake to spare. Should you collect an Anubis Pal with stats you want to improve, you can then use the ones you don’t want to enhance the best of the bunch in the Pal Essence Condenser. Sure, genetic experimentation is immoral, but you’re on a set of undiscovered islands in the middle of who knows where. Do as you please.

And that’s everything you need to know about how to breed Anubis in Palworld. They’re a great addition to both a combat and base team, with level four Handiwork, level three Mining, and level two Transportation. Their stats are also fantastic, as is their move pool. Should you collect enough of them to create the One Anubis to Rule Them All, there are few enemies in Palworld that can stand in your way.

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