How to Get and Use Wheat Seeds in Palworld: Where to Find Wheat Seed Locations

Looking for Wheat Seed locations in Palworld? Here's how to get Wheat Seeds to build a plantation and make flour.

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Planting and growing crops in Palworld yields many useful ingredients to harvest. If you want a Wheat Plantation and Mill duo after reaching Level 15, you need the right seeds to plant. I’ll tell you how to get to Wheat Seed locations and how to use Wheat Seeds.

How to Get Wheat Seeds in Palworld

Similar to Leather and Pal Fluids, there’s more than one way to obtain Wheat Seeds as you explore the Palpagos Islands. While one route requires you to spend your Gold, the other uses your combat skills.

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Palworld Wheat Seed Locations

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  • Purchase Wheat Seeds from a Merchant. Early on, the best NPC to buy supplies from is the Wandering Merchant. You can often find him in his shack (76, -474) at the Small Settlement; its Fast Travel statue is located at 74, -486. Wheat Seeds cost 100 Gold, and while you’re here, you can also look into purchasing Schematics.
  • Loot Wheat Seeds from Grass-type Pals. These nature-loving creatures have a chance to drop different types of seeds when you capture or defeat them. Lifmunks and Gumoss both give you Berry Seeds, for example. Naturally, some yield Wheat ones as well. I’ve found Grass Pals are abundant in the Windswept Hills and Hypocrite Hill.

Which Pals Drop Wheat Seeds in Palworld?

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There are many Grass Pals that drop Wheat Seeds, but the one I encountered the most in my first 15 levels was Dinossom. If you capture one, you can also use it as a mount.

These Lumbering Pals are easily found off the path, anywhere between the Plateau of Beginnings (240, -513) and Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance (118, -425) statues. I spotted my first Dinossom at 233, -479 just down the hill from where you first spawn in the Windswept Hills. Fair warning: they can be pretty tough. I don’t recommend fighting these Dinos at melee range.

Map of the Hypocrite Hill island
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You can also loot Wheat Seeds by catching or defeating other Grass-type Pals. I’ve listed four below that you can spot clustered together on the island north of the Rayne Syndicate Tower. Specifically, I found them by the Hypocrite Hill Statue at 71, -247.

  • Flopie: Drops Wheat Seeds and Low Grade Medical Supplies
  • Bristla: Drops Lettuce Seeds and Wheat Seeds
  • Cinnamoth: Drops Lettuce Seeds, Wheat Seeds, and Honey
  • Robinquill: Wheat Seeds and Arrows

How to Craft a Wheat Plantation and Grow Wheat in Palworld

Once you have a good amount of seeds, use them to build a Wheat Plantation. Then, you can plant them to grow Wheat. The recipe for the Wheat farm requires x3 Wheat Seeds, x35 Wood, and x35 Stone.

Lifmunk joyfully planting Wheat Seeds
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From there, you or your Pals can plant the Wheat Seeds you gathered. My little Lifmunk has a Planting Work Suitability, so they jumped right in to help. You also need a Water Pal like Pengullet or Celaray to Water the planted seeds. From there, all you need to do is let it grow.

After you harvest your Wheat, process it in a Mill to turn it into Flour. You need this ingredient to make Bread, which is a hearty meal for you and your Pals. While Baked Berries only have 21 Nutrition and restore one SAN, Bread offers 27 Nutrition and four SAN.

Flour is a must-have ingredient to craft for Breeding Pals in Palworld. It’s one of the many ingredients used to make a Cake, which you’ll need to prompt your Pals to breed.

That’s how you get and use Wheat Seeds in Palworld. As you can tell, these little seeds are your ticket for much more fun with cooking for your Pals and breeding them. For more on gathering materials, such as Wood, Stone, and Paldium Fragments, be sure to check out our growing guides hub.

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