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How to Get and Use Schematics in Palworld

Schematics are confusing to use at first, but the process is surprisingly simple. Here's how to get and use them in Palworld.

If you’re looking to craft powerful rare equipment in Palworld, you need Schematics. These recipes go beyond the basic ones you unlock in your Technology tab, offering improved stats all around. So here, I’ll tell you how to get and use Schematics to arm yourself with better gear.

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Where to Find Schematics in Palworld

There are several areas in which you can find Schematics. For me, I’ve had good luck so far looting them from chests hidden in low-level areas. The first Schematic I found was just across the Grassy Behemoth Hills Fast Travel point.

Player inventory ui with tooltip for Old Bow Schematic
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You don’t need to go far to find these, but higher-level areas yield chests holding better Schematics, so venture out further when you’re ready. Do note, though, that some chests are locked, requiring Copper Keys to open them.

Dungeon chests also have a chance of giving you cool Schematics. This is a much more dangerous method compared to looking for chests out in the world. But you know what they say: high risk, high reward. Not only do dungeon chests yield these blueprints, but they also give you plenty of other materials to make it worthwhile. Just be sure to bring your best equipment and Pals with you for the fight.

Where to Buy Schematics in Palworld

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Schematics can also be purchased for a hefty amount of gold from an NPC. I recommend heading to the Small Settlement located at 74, -486. The Wandering Merchant is usually there, selling the following schematics for 500 Gold apiece:

  • Long-eared Headband Schematic
  • Witch Hat Schematic
  • Farming Hat Schematic
  • Bowler Hat Schematic
  • Tocotoco Cap
  • Gumoss Cap
  • Penking Cap

If you can’t find the Wandering Merchant, head back to your base and check to see if he’s passing through.

How to Use Schematics in Palworld

Crafting menu with Old Bow selected
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The first time I looted a Schematic, I was stumped. Like me, you’ve likely clicked on the blueprint item in your inventory, assuming you need to learn or consume it to unlock the recipe. But nothing happens when you select it, and there’s no tooltip explaining what you to do next. This is because you simply need the Schematic in your inventory to use it.

Then, you can interact with your Primitive Workbench or High-Quality Workbench, and the recipe appears on the popup menu. For example, the first Schematic I found was for a better version of the Old Bow. It upped the damage from 65 to 130. To craft it, I just chose the new item from the crafting screen, confirmed I had the materials, and held down “F” to make it.

Storage Building tab with Wooden Chest highlighted
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Afterward, store the Schematic in a Wooden Chest or other storage structure at your base. I suppose you could drop it from your inventory as well, but that’s less organized. When you need to craft the recipe again, put it back into your inventory and follow the same process listed above.

This is definitely different than how I’m used to learning crafting recipes in other games, but thankfully it’s pretty straightforward once you know what to do.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get and use Schematics in Palworld. With your enhanced gear, you’re prepared for any Syndicate raids on your base, dungeon battles, and tower bosses that you encounter. Additionally, fighting Pals should go much quicker. For more on this monster-catching adventure, take a look at our guides hub for topics like how to get more nails and how to catch humans.

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