Best Ways to Farm Flame, Ice, and Electric Organs in Palworld

Need some elemental organs to craft more stuff in Palworld? We've broken down the best methods.

A player character approaching a Foxparks standing in the grass.
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Crafting in Palworld makes use of many different resources. While some can be found scavenging different areas, some are dropped by the furry monsters that inhabit the world. Here, I’ll tell you the best ways to farm flame, ice, and electric organs in Palworld.

How to Farm Elemental Organs in Palworld

Flame, Ice, and Electric organs are tied to specific pals with that specific element. A pal with the Fire element drops a Flame Organ, an ice-type drops an Ice Organ, and an Electric pal drops an Electric Organ.

After a few dozen hours of playing, I can confirm Flame, Ice, and Electric organs aren’t guaranteed drops. Stronger enemies introduced later can drop other items as well, making it less likely to get organs. I’ll go over the best early pals to farm for them since they’re the most consistent.

The Best Way to Farm Flame Organs in Palworld

The Foxparks habitat map in Palworld.
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For farming Flame Organs, I suggest hunting for Foxparks. If you also need a Kindling pal for your furnace, this is a good two-birds-one-stone activity. Catching them gives drops, too. If you’re playing in single-player mode, you can find Foxparks between the Grassy Behemoth Hills and the initial Plateau of Beginnings starting point. They’re slightly south of the Alpha Mammorest. More of their habitat zones can be seen in orange in the image above.

The Best Way to Farm Ice Organs in Palworld

The Pengullet habitat map in Palworld.
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Farming Ice organs is less consistent than farming Flame organs. The easiest way to farm Ice organs is to hunt Pengullet. The penguin-like pals are found near the same areas as Foxparks; I found them soon after starting my first base. Unlike Foxsparks, Pengullet’s are Ice/Water types. They also drop Pal Fluids. And while those are helpful in their own right, making Pengullets more valuable, getting Ice organs can be a chore.

The Best Way to Farm Electric Organs in Palworld

The Sparkit habitat map in Palworld.
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There are a couple of options when farming Electric organs in Palworld: hunting Sparkit and Jolthog. Both Pals are found near the Desolate Church fast travel point. It’s an area of jagged cliffs and sprawling paths with red trees.

In my experience, I’ve seen more Sparkit closer to the fast travel point and typically just north of it. Although you encounter some challenging Alphas pals and maybe even your first proper boss, neither of these electric critters is a high-level threat.

Can You Purchase Elemental Organs in Palworld?

If farming takes too long, another decent option for getting Flame, Ice, and Electric organs is to buy some from a Wandering Merchant for 100 gold. Wandering Merchants appear randomly and their wares are governed by RNG. However, it’s always worth checking out a merchant’s inventory to see if they have any organs for sale.

That’s all you need to know about the best ways to farm Flame, Ice, and Electric organs in Palworld. Although different in name, the Venom Glands resource is obtained similarly to these. If you need more help understanding this chaotic world, our Palworld guides have you covered.

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