Where to Find Kindling Pals to Use the Furnace in Palworld

Kindling Pals are handy to have on your base for crafting materials. Here's where to find them.

Player petting Foxparks
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Kindling Pals might burn down your base with a stray fire attack in the event of a raid, but I assure you, they mean well. In fact, these fiery creatures are vital to power a structure. Here, I’ll tell you the best Kindling Pals to catch and how to use the Primitive Furnace in Palworld.

How to Get Kindling in Palworld

If you’ve built a Campfire or Primitive Furnace on your base, a little fire icon appears above them. It states that it “Requires: Kindling” and no further explanation as to what that is. I’ll admit I thought it was an item I needed to pick up or loot at first.

Foxparks powering a Furnace
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Kindling is a Fire-type Pal ability. To use it, assign a Fire-type Pal to your base. For example, if you add Caprity Meat to a Campfire, your Pal automatically helps it cook quicker. And voila! You now have Herb Roasted Caprity. Similar to Schematics, Palworld has so many things happen without your input that it can feel very different from other games.

Where to Find Fire-type Pals in Palworld

The best Kindling Pals to capture are easy to find in early areas. If you want to bring their HP down quickly for a successful catch, I recommend bringing a Water-type Pal such as Teafant or Pengullet. They counter fire attacks easily. However, be careful not to let your Pal get the final blow before you throw your Pal Sphere.

Rooby in Paldeck
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Here are early low-level Fire-types and where you can find them:

  • Foxparks: Found in the Windswept Hills zone between the Plateau of Beginnings Fast Travel point at 240, -513 and Grassy Behemoth Hills at map coordinates 173, -474.
  • Rooby: Found on the Marsh Island near the Islandhopper Coast Fast Travel point at map coordinates 242, -310.

So far, I’ve gotten by with just one Foxparks assigned to my base, but for better automation, you’ll want several structures and Pals to kindle them. Other Fire-types include Pals like Arsox, Flambelle, Incineram, and more that you’ll discover during your adventures.

How to Use the Furnace in Palworld

Now that you have a Kindling Pal caught and ready to work, you can build and use the Primitive Furnace. This structure requires x20 Wood, x50 Stone, and x3 Flame Organs.

Thankfully, Flame Organs drop from captured and defeated Fire Pals, so you’ll likely have enough for the build. Place your Furnace in your base and interact with it to bring up the crafting menu. To produce Ingots, you’ll need at least eight Ore.

Place the Ore into the Furnace and, as mentioned, your Foxparks or Rooby run over. Their breath of flames powers it to refine the material into Ingots.

How to Fix Fire-type Pal Not Kindling

Sometimes, our Pals bug out for many unexplained reasons, whether it’s getting stuck on structures or not working when they have tasks. If your Foxparks or Rooby aren’t Kindling your Furnace, you can manually assign them the job.

Foxparks standing around base
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To do so, give them a lift. Pick your Rooby up (“F” for keyboard, “X” for controller) and throw them at the Furnace. A tiny lightbulb icon appears, and they start doing their fiery work.

On the off chance this doesn’t work, try placing the Pal into your Palbox and taking them out again. They might need a soft reset by respawing into the base.

That covers how to get Kindling and how to use the Furnace in Palworld. For more on this hit monster-catcher game, check out our guides on the best starter Pals and how to butcher Pals. We’ve collected many tips at our dedicated Palworld guides hub.

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