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Palworld: Best Starting Pals to Choose First

Having the right Pals by your side at the start of Palworld can make the early stages much easier. Here are the best starting Pals.

Catching and living alongside Pals is the name of the game in Palworld. In the early stages of the crafting and survival RPG, you must have beneficial partners at your side. Here, I’ll tell you which Pals are the best starting Pals to choose.

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Best Starting Pals You Need in Your Palworld Party

5. Lamball

Lamball Paldeck entry in Palworld
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Lamball is one of the very first Pals you meet in Palworld. Lamball is also among the best Pals to add to your party first. Not only does this Neutral Pal have its uses at your base, but it’s also helpful to have at your side during combat.

Lamball always lends a helping hand with crafting projects, speeding up the process significantly. Moreover, it can also be used as a temporary shield against incoming attacks. This helps keep your health in check until you can craft an actual shield.

4. Gumoss

Gumoss Paldeck entry in Palworld
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Gumoss is a must-have Pal for collecting resources and growing food at your base in Palworld. Once you’ve crafted a Berry Plantation, Gumoss takes the initiative to plant seeds whenever possible. Working in tandem with a Water Pal like Pengullet, you don’t need to do much to tend to your crops.

Similarly, having Gumoss on your team increases logging efficiency. Fortunately, this Grass/Ground Pal isn’t far from the game’s starting point. By the time you build a Berry Plantation for crops, you’ll stumble upon this gooey little guy hanging out by the water in Windswept Hills.

3. Pengullet

Pengullet Paldeck entry in Palworld
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Pengullet is another early-game Pal that’s one of the best Pals to choose first in Palworld. Equipped with the elements of both Water and Ice, Pengullet is always willing to water crops at your base. However, it can also fill out the offensive gaps on your team early on.

It performs well in combat as is, but, like Foxparks, it can also be used as a weapon. Ready for it? You can wield the Pengullet Cannon to launch this Pal at foes. This deals a lot of damage, but it also incapacitates Pengullet on impact, so that’s something to think about before you fire away.

2. Daedream

Daedream Paldeck entry in Palworld
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Both at your base and on your team, Daedream is an incredibly helpful early-game Pal in Palworld. Before I managed to get much done in my playthrough, this Dark Pal wandered into my base, and I just had to have one. Since then, my Daedream has been one of my most reliable Pals.

It doesn’t hesitate to defend you in combat, dishing out magic bullets when you’re under fire. It’s strong, too, so don’t worry too much about taking damage. Apart from this, Daedream is especially skilled at Pal jobs like crafting, transporting goods, and gathering resources at your base. Of course, it’s also the source of things like Venom Glands and Pal Souls.

1. Foxparks

Foxparks Paldeck entry in Palworld
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Much like Lamball, Foxparks is found very early on in Palworld. At your base, Foxparks uses its Flamethrower attack to feed the campfire while you’re cooking. Working together as a team, you can whip up meals in no time at all.

That said, this attack’s offensive capabilities are what make Foxparks a great pick for beginners. Once you can craft a harness to wield this Pal, you can quite literally use your Foxparks as a makeshift flamethrower in combat. I took out a horde of Chikipi in seconds with this method. While it’s admittedly a bit cruel, this is a great way to farm meat products before you unlock guns.

So far, these have been the best starting Pals on my Palworld playthrough. Be sure to capture as many of these species as you can to level up your character and base fast. Browse our guides collection to learn more about shiny Pals and how to rename Pals you’ve caught.

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