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How to Catch and Breed Lyleen Noct in Palworld

From green to grim. Here's how to catch and breed Lyleen Noct in Palworld.

Lyleen and Lyleen Noct have similar Partner Skills, but you’ll want both for their different elemental attacks. In this guide, I’ll cover how to catch and breed Lyleen Noct in Palworld.

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Which Breeding Combo Creates Lyleen Noct in Palworld?

You can breed a Lyleen Noct in Palworld by partnering Lyleen with a Menasting. If you’re unfamiliar with the mechanics, such as how to build a breeding farm or make Cake, you can learn about the whole process in our Pal breeding guide.

How to Catch Lyleen in Palworld: Location, Weaknesses, and Spheres

To find a Lyleen and Menasting, travel to the Dessicated Desert, the desert biome in the northeastern portion of the world map. It’s best to use a flying mount since you need to travel across water. Moreover, I suggest crafting both heat-resistant and cold-resistant gear pieces. I had to wear heat-resistant gear during the day to withstand the scorching hot sun. Then, I swapped to cold-resistant gear at night due to lower temperatures.

Lyleen is part of the Lily and Lyleen boss fight in the Free Pal Alliance Tower. However, you can still catch a Lyleen in Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3. It’s the island in the northeastern corner of the desert biome. The coordinates are X: 659, Y: 624. Additionally, Lyleen is a Grass-type Pal, which means you need a Fire-type to deal extra damage to it. I also find that Ultra Spheres or Legendary Spheres offer the best capture rate since Lyleen is above level 40 at this location.

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If Lyleen doesn’t spawn, travel back and forth from the island. In my case, I had to fly back to the location a couple of times until one appeared.

How to Catch Menasting in Palworld: Location, Weaknesses, and Spheres

Menasting is an Alpha Pal found in the Dessicated Mineshaft. It’s just south of the PIDF Tower, at the coordinates X: 515, Y: 100. Follow the hilly area until you see a tunnel opening. Continue down the winding path until you find a Menasting waiting for you. Take note that the Menasting is both a Ground and Dark-type Pal. It’s weak against both Grass and Dragon Pals.

At level 44, it’s best to use Ultra Spheres or Legendary Spheres against it, similar to catching Lyleen. In any case, once you have both a Lyleen and Menasting — remember that one must be male and the other must be female — you can breed a Lyleen Noct in Palworld.

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Where to Find Lyleen Noct in Palworld

If you don’t want to breed a Lyleen Noct in Palworld, you can catch one. For this method, go to the Iceberg Mineshaft in the snow-capped biome to the north. The coordinates are X: -165, Y: 341, and the closest fast travel point is the Unthawable Lake.

Upon arriving at the waypoint, continue northwest until you see a tunnel opening carved along the cliffside. At the end of the tunnel, you’ll spot a level 49 Lyleen Noct in its lair. This is a Dark-type Pal, so make sure you have a Dragon ally with you to have an advantage.

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Lyleen Noct Drops, Active Skills, and Work Suitability

Lyleen Noct drops Pal Fluids and has the following Active Skills:

  • Icicle Cutter: Spawns a blade of ice and shoots it forward.
  • Shadow Burst: A quick discharge of energy that damages hostiles.
  • Nightmare Ball: Generates a large orb and throws it at a target.

Lyleen Noct also has Handiwork level 3, Medicine level 3, and Gathering level 2 for its Work Suitability. Given that this is a fairly rare creature, I feel that it’s better to keep it in your party for combat purposes, as opposed to just leaving it at your base. Still, you can’t go wrong with level 3 ratings in Medicine and Handiwork.

This is how you catch and breed a Lyleen Noct in Palworld. There are other rare creatures that you can capture while exploring, such as the Jetragon, Blazamut, Paladius, and Necromus. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our Palworld guides hub.

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