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Where to Find a Blazamut in Palworld: Blazamut Location, Weaknesses, and More

It's getting hot in Blazamut's lair. Here's where to find it.

Some Pals are found out in the open, while others wait for you in an underground lair. Here, I’ll tell you how to find and catch Blazamut in Palworld.

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Where to Find Blazamut in Palworld

You can find Blazamut in the Scorching Mineshaft at Mount Obsidian. The coordinates are X: -444, Y: -566. Keep in mind that this is a volcanic biome, which means the temperatures are extreme. To navigate the area, equip the best heat-resistant gear you have, such as Legendary armor if you have the schematics.

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To reach the Scorching Mineshaft, use the Foot of the Volcano fast travel point at X: -352, Y: -491, which is in the eastern portion of Mount Obsidian. From there, follow the path to the southwest until you see an opening that leads deeper into the rock formation. Bring a torch, Hip Latern, or even a Foxparks since it’s fairly dark inside. After a short walk, you’ll encounter the level 49 Blazamut in its lair.

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How to Catch Blazamut: Weaknesses and Which Spheres to Use

Blazamut is a Fire-type Pal, which means it’s weak against Water. Bring along Pals that use the Water element so you can stand a chance against it. Relaxaurus or a boss like Penking are great picks for their hard-hitting Water attacks. Likewise, I suggest using a Legendary Sphere (Technology Level 44) to improve your chances of capturing it.

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Blazamut Drops, Active Skills, and Work Suitability

Blazamut drops Coal, Flame Organs, and the Legendary Assault Rifle Schematic. It also has the following Active Skills:

  • Stone Blast: Hurls several stones in a forward arc.
  • Fire Ball: Charges up a giant ball of flame that explodes over a wide area.
  • Ignis Blast: Does a charge-up motion, which causes the ground to turn red; an eruption occurs after a short duration.

Blazemut also has Kindling level 3 and Mining level 4 Work Suitability. This makes it one of the best Mining Pals in the game. I genuinely encourage you to get one, as it will mine Stone and Ore faster than Pals with level 2 or level 3 Mining.

Lastly, do note that Blazamut can’t be bred through random Pal combinations. Instead, Blazamut offspring can only come from two Blazamut parents.

That’s how you find and catch a Blazamut in Palworld. There are other rare creatures that you can catch while exploring, such as Jetragon, Paladius, Necromus, and Lyleen Noct. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our Palworld guides hub.

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