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Player standing in the desert biome
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Where to Find a Paladius in Palworld: Paladius Location, Weaknesses, and More

Bring on the knight in shining armor. Here's how to catch Paladius in Palworld.

Most dangerous Pals out in the wild are all by their lonesome, though some have backup. Here, I’ll tell you how to find and catch Paladius in Palworld. Plus, we’ll cover how to deal with its Legendary ally.

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Where to Find Paladius in Palworld

Overhead view of the Palworld map with a circle of Paladius' location
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Paladius, also known as the Holy Knight of Legend, is a level 50 Legendary Alpha Pal. It roams the northern point of the desert biome at X: 452, Y: 680. To the southeast at the Deep Sand Dunes, you can activate the nearest fast-travel statue at X: 527, Y: 526. You won’t find Paladius alone either. It’s backed by another Legendary Pal, the Dark Knight of the Abyss, Necromus.

I know the above sounds straightforward, but it isn’t. Once you reach the Dessicated Desert, you need to brave the inhospitable weather to make it north. Wear heat-resistant armor during the day, and then switch to cold-resistant armor at night.

How to Catch Paladius in Palworld: Weaknesses and Spheres

Player flying on a Nitewing in front of Paladius and Necromus
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Paladius is a Neutral-type Pal with 9,161 HP. This means it’s weak against Dark-type attacks, but since its partner Necromus is a Dark-type, you also need a Pal proficient in Dragon-type attacks. This puts you in a tricky position since you need both skill types to battle the duo.

For the best advantage, bring a hybrid Pal like Astegon, which has both Dark and Dragon Active Skills. You’d also benefit from teaming up with an exceptionally strong Dark-type Pal such as Shadowbeak, which you can teach other elemental abilities using Skill Fruit.

As for Pal Spheres, you need to use Ultra (Technology Level 35) or Legendary Spheres (Technology Level 44) for the best capture rate. This part of the desert region also has several PIDF troopers running around. Believe it or not, that’s a good thing. I suggest sneaking around so that the two Pals don’t detect you. Then let the PIDF hostiles take the brunt of the damage and lower the HP of your targets before you jump in.

NPCs attacking Paladius while player waits to the side
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Paladius Drops, Active Skills, and Work Suitability

Paladius drops the Legendary Schematic for Cold Resistant Pal Armor, Diamonds, and Pal Metal Ingots. It also has the following Active Skills:

  • Blizzard Spike: Creates a block of ice and throws it at an enemy; also deals damage to those within the surrounding area at the point of impact.
  • Pal Blast: Shoots a high-powered beam in a frontal arc.
  • Spear Thrust: Readies for a charge before rushing onward to hit its target; its shield also protects it from attacks during this phase.

As for Work Suitability, Paladius is a level 2 Lumbering Pal and level 2 Mining Pal. I don’t think it’s viable for base-related tasks other than farming Ore nodes. You’ll get more use from it by putting it in your party to fight other high-level Pals in the world, defeat dungeon bosses, and more.

Lastly, Paladius can only be captured or bred by having two Paladius parents. You can’t breed it using other Pal combinations.

That’s how you find and catch a Paladius in Palworld. There are other rare creatures that you can catch while exploring, such as the Jetragon, Blazamut, and Lyleen Noct. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our Palworld guides hub.

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