How to Find and Use Skill Fruit in Palworld

Skill Fruit helps your Pals learn different skills in Palworld. Here's how to find them.

Character and Pals in a snowfield in front of a Skill Tree.
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While each Pal has its specific element, you can still teach them new skills from other types. To do so, you need to find Skill Fruit. Here, I’ll cover how to find and use Skill Fruit in Palworld.

Where to Find Skill Fruit in Palworld

Player holding a club in front of a Skill Fruit Tree
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Skill Fruit can be obtained in several different ways. Some can be purchased from a Merchant, if you don’t want to spend time searching. But they can also be rewarded when opening chests. The rare one I found was from a Gold Chest, while I’ve gotten some uncommon rarities in other chests.

You can also pluck from Skill Fruit from special, glowing Skill Fruit Trees. These look distinctly different from any other tree in Palworld with their blue Paldium glow, and they can’t be cut down. Once you get the fruit from their branches, you’ll need to wait before they respawn. Like chests, the type and rarity are random. The fruit also looks visually different based on their element.

Where to Buy Skill Fruit in Palworld

Merchant inventory containing Skill Fruit
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Skills Fruits are sold by the Dune Shelter Red Wandering Marchant and the Fisherman’s Point Red Wandering Merchant. The Dune Shelter Merchant carries Earth and Grass skills, including Sand Tornado, Stone Cannon, and Seed Mine. On the other hand, the Fisherman’s Point vendor offers Fire and Water skills, such as Ignis Breath, Flare Storm, and Aqua Burst.

How to Use Skill Fruit to Change Pal Skills in Palworld

Skill Fruit allows you to teach a Pal a new elemental ability different from their own. For example, I taught my Nightwing a Dragon attack, which makes up for my lack of Dragon Pals on my team.

To use one, put it in your inventory if it’s not already. You need to feed it to the chosen Pal, as that teaches it the skill. Then, a notice pops up that your Pal learned the skill.

Using Skill Fruit message.
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If your Pal already has three skills, you must pick which ones to use. Swap them by opening the Pal’s profile through the Party tab or the Paldeck. Under Active Skills, click the one you want to exchange. This brings up the other skills your Pal knows. Select the new skill, and the two will swap positions.

That’s how to find and use Skill Fruit in Palworld. For more about this monster-catching adventure, such as where to find the different faction Towers or how to breed Pals, check out our guides vault.

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