Best Mining Pals to Farm Materials in Palworld

Gather more minerals with the right creatures in Palworld. These are the best mining pals.

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You’ll often find yourself gathering minerals and ores from various deposits. Naturally, it’s important to have the right Pals to collect high-end resources. Here, I’ll tell you about the best Mining Pals to farm materials in Palworld.

What are the Best Mining Pals in Palworld?

The best Mining Pals in Palworld are the Blazamut and Astegon, though there are several creatures that you can capture as you progress further in the sandbox campaign.

The reason why I don’t recommend chasing after the Blazamut and Astegon is that they’re both high-level monsters that can only be found in a select few locations. These include Mount Obsidian, the volcanic biome in the southwestern corner of the map, and the Wildlife Sanctuary in the northeastern portion of the game world.

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Best Early-Game Pals for Mining

Thankfully, you can find other creatures I think fill the gap as the best Mining Pals in Palworld. My suggestion is to capture Cattivas, since they have Mining Level 1. Cattivas are readily found in the initial area as soon as you start the game. Apart from Mining Level 1, they also have Handiwork Level 1, Gathering Level 1, and Transporting Level 1. Needless to say, these cute cats collect from stone nodes early on.

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Best Mid-Game Pals for Mining

Eventually, I replaced my Cattivas with an even better option: the Digtoise. I consider the Digtoise as the best Mining Pal in Palworld upon reaching the mid-game stage (i.e. around Level 20 or so). This giant turtle with spikes protruding from its shell has Mining Level 3, which is more than enough to break down ore deposits and other minerals.

You can find Digtoise in an area known as the Twilight Dunes, a desert biome further north of the Rayne Syndicate’s Tower. Make sure you’re wearing heat-resistant gear due to the extreme temperatures in the area. Likewise, note that Digtoise don’t have any other work suitability skills. This means they can only mine and not help out with other tasks in the base.

In any case, those are the best Mining Pals to farm materials in Palworld. To learn about various Pal tasks in your base, you can head over to our work suitability guide. We also have another article that discusses the best Handiwork Pals. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our Palworld guides hub.

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