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Where to Find a Jetragon in Palworld: Jetragon Location, Weaknesses, and More

Here's where to find a Jetragon in Palworld and how to catch it.

Whether you want to craft a Legendary Rocket Launcher or grab the most majestic mount in the game, the Jetragon is what you’re looking for. Here, I’ll cover how to find and catch Jetragon in Palworld.

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Where to Find Jetragon in Palworld

Similar to Blazamut, you can find Jetragon in Mount Obsidian, the game’s volcanic biome. Travel to the northwestern portion of the biome to the coordinates X: -775, Y: -335. Be forewarned that the climate here is extremely harsh, which is why you’ll need high-end heat-resistant armor. Likewise, I suggest using a flying mount to cross the lava flows safely. Additionally, Jetragon roams around several Blazehowls and Reptyros, so be on your guard.

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How to Catch Jetragon in Palworld: Weaknesses and Which Spheres to Use

Jetragon, as its name implies, is a Dragon-type Pal. That means it’s weak against Ice-type abilities, so you’ll need a Penking or Frostallion in your party. The biggest problem is that it’s also level 50, and you need to gain more EXP just to have a shot at defeating it. Moreover, Jetragon’s attacks inflict a damage-over-time effect and environmental hazards that can continue to deplete your HP.

Easiest Method to Catch a Jetragon in Palworld

I advise you to attempt a cheese/exploit to catch a Jetragon in Palworld. Here’s what I think would be the best method if you’re having trouble capturing this creature:

  • Assuming you’re past level 40 or so, catch several Ice-type Pals. Their attacks are more effective, and there’s a chance that they could freeze your foe, giving you a quick break to regenerate HP.
  • Build a makeshift base with a Palbox near Jetragon’s spawn point. Then, assign Ice-type Pals to your base.
  • Attempt to aggro Jetragon so that it hovers near a spot that all your Base Pals are guarding. Once the mayhem ensues, watch as its HP continuously dwindles.
  • When its HP is low enough, use a Legendary Sphere and keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t escape.
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Jetragon Drops, Active Skills, and Work Suitability

Jetragon drops several materials, including Carbon Fiber, Diamonds, Polymer, and Pure Quartz. It also gives you the Legendary Rocket Launcher Schematic. For Active Skills that you can use in combat, it has the following:

  • Beam Comet: Shoots multiple beams at targets; the beams explode on impact.
  • Fire Ball: Charges up a giant ball of flame that explodes over a wide area.
  • Dragon Meteor: Spawns several meteorites and hurls them at an opponent.

Jetragon only has the Gathering Work Suitability at level 3. However, don’t let this disappoint you since you’re unlikely to ever leave it at your base. That’s because it’s actually the fastest flying mount in the game, too.

Lastly, do note this creature can only be bred using a combo of Jetdragon parents. It can’t be created through other Pal combinations.

That’s how you find and catch a Jetragon in Palworld. There are other rare creatures that you can capture while exploring, such as the Blazamut, Paladius, Necromus, and Lyleen Noct. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our Palworld guides hub.

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