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Where to Find a Necromus in Palworld: Necromus Location, Weaknesses, and More

The dark four-legged knight rises. Here's where to find Necromus in Palworld.

You’re not the only one with a buddy, since a few elite Pals have their own allies. Here, I’ll tell you about how to find and catch Necromus in Palworld. But be ready to face a Legendary Pal duo.

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Where to Find Necromus in Palworld

Necromus is located in the northern section of the Dessicated Desert at coordinates X: 450, Y: 675. The nearest fast-travel point is the Deep Sand Dunes. This encounter is one of the toughest in the game, as Necromus is supported by its counterpart, Paladius. You must fight both simultaneously.

Traversing this biome’s climate is nearly as dangerous as the fight. Equip cold-resistant gear for low temperatures at night and heat-resistant gear once it’s scorching hot during the day.

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How to Catch Necromus in Palworld: Weaknesses and Spheres

Necromus is a level 50 Dark-type Pal, but I also advise you to consider its Paladius ally, which is a level 50 Neutral-type.

Necromus is weak against Dragon-type attacks, whereas Paladius is weak against Dark-type attacks. The best counter to both is Astegon, a Pal that has both types Skills. For example, its Dark Laser ability can be used against Paladius while Dragon Cannon can throw a ball of Dragon energy against Necromus. If you don’t have Astegon, you can always teach these abilities to a different Pal if you have the corresponding Skill Fruits.

Although a Dragon-type Pal would do well against Necromus, its lack of Dark abilities would put you at a disadvantage. And it would be weak to several of Paladius’ Ice attacks. A hybrid, as mentioned above, is your best bet.

As for Spheres, you’ll need Ultra Spheres or Legendary Spheres for the best capture rate. I also suggest watching out for PIDF soldiers in the area. They’ll attack you on sight. However, you could take advantage of their presence and let them deal damage to the duo while you and your creatures wait for an opportune time to strike.

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Necromus Drops, Active Skills, and Work Suitability

Necromus drops the Legendary Schematic for Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor, Pal Metal Ingot, and a Large Pal Soul. It also has the following Active Skills:

  • Shadow Burst: A quick discharge of energy that damages surrounding hostiles.
  • Spirit Flame: Shoots three orbs that track your movement.
  • Twin Spears: Thrusts forward with deadly intent using its spear weapons.

Necromus also has Lumbering level 2 and Mining level 2 for its Work Suitability. As such, I don’t leave it at my base since it’s not adept at either of those jobs. Instead, I think it’s better to keep it (and Paladius) in your party for fighting other Legendary Pals, completing dungeons, and Alpha Pal encounters.

Last but not least, Necromus can only be bred as offspring from two Necromus parents. You won’t get it from other Pal combinations.

That’s how you find and catch a Necromus in Palworld. There are other rare creatures that you can catch while exploring, such as the Jetragon, Blazamut, and Lyleen Noct. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our Palworld guides hub.

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