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What is the Fastest Flying Mount in Palworld? How to Get Jetragon

Make exploration a breeze with the fastest mount in Palworld.

Exploring the Palpagos Islands is easier when you speed up the process. There are certainly mounts that make this whole endeavor a breeze. Here, I’ll tell you how to get the fastest flying mount in Palworld.

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What’s the Fastest Flying Mount to Unlock in Palworld?

The fastest flying mount in Palworld is none other than the Jetragon. As the name itself implies, it’s a Dragon-type, but its speed is so ridiculous that you might as well consider it a fighter aircraft.

The Jetragon is so quick and maneuverable that it’s not just the fastest flying mount in the game, but it’s also the fastest ground mount. Once you have it, you can say goodbye to every other mountable Pal, since you’re unlikely to ride them ever again.

It’s not necessarily the best at swimming, though. Aquatic Pals such as Surfents and Jormuntide don’t consume Stamina while you ride them on water, making them the better options for water-based travel. Still, I feel that the Jetragon’s flying speed makes it more viable, since you can simply fly over water.

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How to Find a Jetragon in Palworld

The Jetragon, the fastest flying Pal, can only be found in the northwestern part of Mount Obsidian. This is the game’s volcanic biome, and its coordinates are X: -780, Y: -325. The nearest fast travel point is the Beach of Everlasting Summer.

Before going there, however, I suggest keeping these tips in mind:

  • Mount Obsidian has an inhospitable climate, and you’ll need heat-resistant gear to survive.
  • The Jetragon is a level 50 Legendary Alpha Pal, so you have to earn more EXP before tackling the encounter.
  • As a Dragon-type Pal, it’s weak against Ice attacks. Bring a high-level Wumpo, Frostallion, or Penking with you.
  • You can’t breed Jetragon through random Pal combinations. You can only catch it or breed an offspring once you’ve found male and female Jetragon parents.
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All Flying Mounts in Palworld

With Jetragon being a high-level, late-game boss, keep your eyes out for these flying mounts until you can catch it:

  • Nitewing
  • Vanwyrm
  • Vanwyrm Cryst
  • Beakon
  • Ragnahawk
  • Elphidran
  • Elphidran Aqua
  • Quivern
  • Helzephyr
  • Astegon
  • Suzaku
  • Suzaku Aqua
  • Faleris
  • Shadowbeak
  • Frostallion
  • Frostallion Noct
  • Jetragon

In any case, the Jetragon is surely the fastest flying mount in Palworld. You can learn more about this majestic beast in our how to catch a Jetragon guide. For other tips and tactics, such as how to get more coal and all skill fruits to find, visit our Palworld guides hub.

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