Best Locations to Mine Coal in Palworld (With a Map and Coordinates)

Maximize your Coal supply using these locations in Palworld!

A cluster of coal nodes
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Coal helps you make Refined Ingots, but it’s challenging to farm if you don’t know where high concentrations of nodes are gathered. Now, you don’t need to guess, because I’ve collected the best locations to mine Coal (with a map and coordinates) in Palworld.

Best Spots to Farm Coal in Palworld

Five spots in Palworld have six or more Coal nodes gathered by them. The current base limit is three, but I find it worthwhile to place at least one Palbox at or near a spot rich in Coal.

Palworld Map with coal node locations marked
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These spots are located near the following bosses and Fast Travel points:

  • Alpha Boss Anubis: -125, -84
  • Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant: -96, -120
  • Sealed Realm of the Swift: 188, -39
  • Sealed Realm of the Guardian: 288, -21
  • Deep Sands Dunes: 319, 499

Best Coal Mining Base Set-ups in Palworld

For the most nodes, go to Deep Sands Dunes, where eight are gathered around the marked spot. Otherwise, the other four locations each have six nodes, which is still a good amount. However, I prefer two specific points from the list above simply for their overall locations: Sealed Realm of the Swift and Sealed Realm of the Guardian. To access both easily, place a base between them.

Otherwise, placing a base right on top of a node cluster means you can assign Pals with a Level 2 or higher Mining trait to work at the base. This creates a steady, passive supply filling your storage units. I especially like how little effort it takes, as I let my Pals work and don’t think about gathering supplies. I also don’t worry about the temperature because these locations are neither too hot nor too cold.

Tombat with its mining level shown in palbox
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Which Pals Drop Coal in Palworld?

Aside from farming nodes and making Coal-focused bases, you can get Coal by capturing or defeating Blazamut and Menasting. Both are found in Mineshafts on completely opposite sides of the map. Menasting is located in the desert biome’s Dessicated Mineshaft (489,80), whereas Blazamut is found in the Scorching Mineshaft (-441, -556) in the volcanic biome.

However, considering both are high-level Pals, this isn’t the most efficient way to fill your inventory with Coal. The locations listed above will yield much more. Plus, you won’t run the risk of death.

That wraps up the best locations to mine Coal in Palworld (with a map and coordinates). While the third and fourth locations in the list suit my playstyle the most, you might find that you prefer one of the other most abundant Coal node areas. From here, head to our guides hub for more topics like how to turn off player hunger or how to never run out of Stamina.

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