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How to Never Run Out of Stamina in Palworld

Sprint, swing, and climb to your heart's content with our guide on how to never run out of Stamina in Palworld.

You might not be able to become Flash in Palworld, but you can have his almost infinite Stamina. If you want to sprint, swing, and climb endlessly, it’s just a matter of tweaking a simple world setting. Here, I’ll tell you how to never run out of Stamina in Palworld.

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How to Get Unlimited Stamina in Palworld

The more Stamina you have in Palworld, the more you can sprint, jump, climb, dodge, and swing your weapons and tools (or play dodgeball if Palworld had it). Besides upgrading the stat through regular means, there’s an easier way to increase Stamina by adjusting a world setting. You can do this regardless of your difficulty. And it’s similar to how you tweak the Hunger meter settings.

  • From the Main Menu, click on the world you want to tweak without loading it.
  • Click on “Change World Settings” at the bottom.
  • Choose “Custom Settings.”
  • Navigate to the “Player Stamina Reduction Rate” below the various Pal settings.
  • Reduce by however much you want using the slider. I recommend 0.1 for nigh infinite Stamina.
  • Click on “Ok.”
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Once you confirm your settings, load your world. The rate at which your Stamina goes down will be massively decreased. The first time I adjusted this setting, I tried depleting my bar, but it’s almost impossible unless you hold down the run button/key for ages and sprint around.

You do indeed still lose Stamina with the setting turned to 0.1, but it takes quite a while. That said, it also replenishes so fast that once you let go of Shift and stop sprinting, it’s right back up. Essentially, you have unlimited Stamina as it goes down incredibly slowly and replenishes instantly. I like to use this when I’m exploring to get places faster.

That’s how to never run out of Stamina in Palworld. Note that changing this setting will affect every other player in your world. For more Palworld guides, check out how to turn off Pal hunger and Player hunger.

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