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How to Make Gunpowder in Palworld

Gunpowder is a crucial crafting material in Palworld. Here's how to craft it to use against hostile Pals. You monster.

Palworld separates itself from one of its main influences by giving you guns. To use them, you need to make Gunpowder. And doing that requires getting other resources. It’s a whole Palworld chicken before the egg thing. Here, I’ll tell you how to craft Gunpowder.

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How to Craft Gunpowder for Guns in Palworld

Unlocking the Gunpowder craft in Palworld

To unlock the Gunpowder crafting recipe in Palworld, you must reach Level 21 and spend 2 Technology Points. Now that you can craft Gunpowder, you need the proper materials: Charcoal and Sulfur. Charcoal comes from burning Wood in a Primitive Furnace. Sulfur is a bit more complicated. I farm the following locations to get the resource faster.

  • The Desert Biome is northwest of the starting zone at coordinates -193, -142. Bring both cold and heat-resistant gear or Pals with the Kindling and Cooling effects.
  • Pyre Tower is in the far west at coordinates -594, -531. There’s a fast travel point near it.
  • The Lava Fields are northwest of the Pyre Tower at coordinates -739, -448. You need a Flying Pal to help carry you there. This isn’t my ideal farming location because lava’s not nice.

Palworld Gunpowder Recipe

The Gunpowder recipe requires x1 Sulfur and x2 Charcoal to make. You also need a High Quality Workshop to actually craft it. I prefer to have a Pal with Handicraft Level 2 here, as well. Making ammo with the Gunpowder you just crafted is entirely its own thing.

What Can You Make with Gunpowder in Palworld?

Unlocking the Coarse Ammo Craft in Palworld

Gunpowder’s sole use in Palworld is the creation of ammunition, and the farther you progress, the more Gunpowder you need and the better ammunition you can make. The first ammo type is Coarse Ammo for the Musket and Makeshift Pistol. It costs x1 Ingot and x1 Gunpowder with 30 Workload per unit.

The later ammo types are:

  • Handgun Ammo costs x1 Ingot and x1 Gunpowder.
  • Rifle Ammo costs x1Refined Ingot and x2 Gunpowder.
  • Shotgun Shells cost x1 Refined Ingot and x3 Gunpowder.
  • Assault Rifle Ammo costs x1 Refined ingot and x2 Gunpowder.
  • Rocket Ammo costs x1 Pal Metal Ingot and x5 Gunpowder.
The gunpowder craft in Palworld
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I can’t stress enough the massive amounts of Ingots and Gunpowder, especially as your weapons get easier to fire. Only having a hundred rounds when all you’ve got is a Musket is one thing. But when you can empty an entire 30-round magazine in a single fight? Yeah, that costs you more and more rare materials and a metric ton of Gunpowder. Making it isn’t the hard part. Stockpiling ingredients is.

That, however, is a guide for another time. You now have everything you need to know about crafting Gunpowder in Palworld. Hopefully, you don’t use your newfound powers for too much mischief. For more Palworld content, check out our guides hub.

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