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How to Get and Grow Pal Eggs in Palworld

Hatching Eggs is a way to get new Pals in Palworld. Here's how to do it.

Pals come from Pal Eggs. You may have found one after breeding, and it hatched into a new subspecies or has somee interesting skills. Regardless of why you’re looking for them, I’ll tell you how to get and grow Pal Eggs in Palworld.

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How to Find Pal Eggs in Palworld: Elements, Designs, and Sizes

There are two ways to get Pal Eggs: breeding them or finding them while exploring. I’ve found over 35 different eggs, including a Huge Dragon Egg, just by wandering around the different islands. You can tell which element a Pal will be from a Pal Egg because the Egg responds to its Pal’s element. A Nox hatches from a Large Dark Egg, while a Dinossom hatches from a Large Verdant Egg.

  • Dark = Dark Egg
  • Dragon = Dragon Egg
  • Electric = Electric Egg
  • Fire = Scorching Egg
  • Grass = Verdant Egg
  • Ground = Rocky Egg
  • Ice = Frozen Egg
  • Neutral = Common Egg
  • Water = Damp Egg
Common Egg found in wild.
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Eggs also have different patterns that correspond with their elements, making it easy to tell from a distance if a Pal Egg will hatch a Pal you’re looking for. You’ll also find it sitting on a nest, no matter the location. They’re also much bigger than the eggs you eat, so don’t worry about confusing them.

The quickest way to get Pal Eggs when exploring is while flying. I zip around the cliffs, beaches, and forests picking up colored eggs as if it were Easter. If you don’t have a mount, you can still find plenty by walking.

How to Make Unique Eggs in Palworld: How to Guarantee the Pal You Want Hatches

Two successfully matched Pals create a unique Egg and drop the Egg near them in your base. Getting Palworld Eggs from breeding takes longer than finding them in the wild and requires Cake. This method guarantees the Pal you’re looking for.

Scorching Egg found while exploring.
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What do the Different Palworld Egg Sizes Mean?

Each egg comes in three different sizes. Huge Eggs only contain rare Pals and don’t hatch Pals that the other two Egg sizes do.

  • Regular (it doesn’t list a size in the name): Weighs 10 lbs.
  • Large: Weighs 25 lbs.
  • Huge: Weighs 50 lbs.

How to Hatch Pal Eggs

Much like finding the Eggs in Palworld, there are two methods of hatching Eggs and growing Pals: walk with them in your inventory or incubate them.

Due to the sheer weight of some of the eggs, your inventory can fill quickly. Walking around with several Large or Huge Eggs adds 100 pounds to your load. It’s not as efficient, either. Walking takes longer than an Incubator at the right temperature.

Incubator build requirements in Technology tab
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You must have at least one Ancient Technology Point and two Ancient Civilization Parts to craft an Incubator. This took me so long to achieve as I spent most of my time activating Fast Travel points instead of fighting. Once you have the Ancient items you need, unlock the Incubator in the Technology tab.

To build an Incubator you need x10 Paldium Fragments, x5 Cloth, x30 Stone, and x2 Ancient Civilization Parts. Each Incubator can only hold one Pal Egg. I had extra parts, so built three to try and get through all the eggs I’ve hoarded. The Egg’s size determines how long it takes to incubate and hatch from an Incubator.

Three Pal Egg Incubators with eggs.
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Depending on the temperature the Egg requires, you can get up to a 100% time decrease, halving how long the egg takes to hatch. If the egg is just a little hot or cold, that becomes 50%. It may take some time to determine what eggs do better at what temps the first few times.

That’s how to get and grow Pal Eggs in Palworld. Whether you’re looking for Huge eggs for rare hatches, are breeding for new subspecies, or just want to open up some storage space, using an incubator is the way to go. For more on Pal Eggs, Breeding, and crafting, check out our guides hub.

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