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Palworld Incubator Seems a Little Cold: How to Warm Up Egg Incubator

Eggs yield some of the rarer Pals in Palworld, so here's how to keep them warm in cooler climates.

As you adventure in Palworld, you’re bound to come across eggs you can put in an Incubator so they hatch into new Pals. If the egg gets cold, you’ll see a message saying it’s “It seems just a little cold.” Here’s how to warm eggs in Incubators in Palworld.

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How to Warm Cold Incubator Eggs in Palworld

Use heated furnishings like campfires if your Palworld Incubator seems a little cold. Placing a Pal Egg in an Incubator on a base in a hot climate can also help. Some eggs require cooler temperatures, but most Pal Eggs require a bit of warmth.

When the warm egg is properly heated, a message appears that says the egg “seems very comfortable.” That means you receive the maximum Incubation Speed bonus of +100%. If an egg is a little cold, that bonus drops to +50%. If it’s heated too much, it will say so, and the Incubation Speed bonus drops to 0%. Depending on what kind of egg is in the incubator, as well as your base environment, you must modulate the temperature accordingly.

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Palworld Egg Temperature, Explained

There are a wide variety of eggs to incubate in Palworld, and each has a preferred temperature. The environment you’re incubating eggs into also matters. The ambient air will be cooler in snowy areas, and warmer in the desert. To add further complexity to incubating eggs, the temperature cools down at night regardless of the biome.

Below is an at-a-glance table for each type of Pal Egg and its preferred temperature range. Note that the size of an egg does not factor into its temperature requirements.

Egg TypePreferred Temperature
Common EggNeutral
Dark EggCold
Dragon EggCold
Electric EggNeutral
Frozen EggCold
Damp EggCold
Verdant EggNeutral
Rocky EggHot
Scorched EggHot
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The Best Way to Warm Eggs in Incubators in Palworld

I tested multiple setups, and the best tool for warming incubator eggs early in Palworld is a Campfire. At least for regular-sized eggs that don’t require special tending. Placing multiple heat sources near an Incubator speeds up how long it takes to warm eggs in an Incubator, but you also risk overheating the egg.

My first Pal Egg was between a Primitive Furnace and a campfire. It was nice and comfortable after a couple of minutes. It was too warm after a few minutes, forcing me to deconstruct the Campfire and move it somewhere else.

An egg successuflly warmed in Palworld
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Kindling Pals

While I didn’t test this next scenario specifically, I wouldn’t be surprised if having a Kindling Pal working at the fire or furnace would speed up the Incubator getting warm. After all, your Kindling Pal is actively spitting fire.

Heater Buildings

Remember that the more Incubators you have, the more ways you’ll need to keep them warm. The same is true if you plan to hatch eggs in extreme temperatures. However, Pals don’t have a “heating” intrinsic skill, only a Cooling one.


The environment where you incubate matters as well. If you build a base in a desert, you want Ice-type Pals or any of those with the Cooling ability. If you build a base and incubate eggs at the top of a mountain or on a frozen tundra, you want more than a single campfire. By that point in your Palworld adventure, I hope you’ll have something better than a pile of burning sticks.

That’s it for our advice on how to warm cold eggs in Palworld and get rid of the “Your Incubator seems a little cold” notification on the Incubators you have on your base. Check out more of our Palworld guides here on GameSkinny, such as how to find Lettuce Seeds and where to find Paladius.

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