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How to Get and Use Lettuce Seeds in Palworld: All Recipes and Effects

Add more food options to your diet with Lettuce in Palworld!

Lettuce is among the final food items you unlock and learn to farm. It doesn’t have as many uses as items like Honey and Milk, but it’s used to craft recipes with important effects. I’ll tell you how to get and use Lettuce in Palworld.

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How to Get Lettuce Seeds

Lettuce Plantation recipe with green lettuce symbol in the Palworld Technology Tab.
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Lettuce Seeds come as drops from Bristla, Broncherry Aqua, Cinnamoth, and Wumpo Botan. Of the required items, I had the most trouble getting these Lettuce Seeds. I use the other items regularly and know where to get each one, but this is my first time using Lettuce Seeds. However, I found Bristla as the best Pal for Lettuce Seeds. I use the Cinnamoth Forest fast-travel point (-69, -273) and find a fair number of them near the waypoint.

How to Build Lettuce Plantations

You unlock the Lettuce Plantation at Technology Level 38 for 3 Tech Points. You then build it using x3 Lettuce Seeds, x100 Wood, x70 Stone, and x10 Pal Fluids. Lettuce Seeds take a long time to plant and cultivate, so use Pals like Caprity or Dinossum, who each have Level 2 Planting Work Suitabilities. Then, it’s time to wait for the Lettuce to grow before your Pals return to collect it.

How to Use Lettuce in Palworld: Recipes and Effects

Lettuce is used for 5 recipes. How much you need depends on how often you use recipes that require Lettuce. I prefer to use Lettuce for Rushoar Hot Dogs because they give me a temporary +20% Defense boost when I eat them. Since I’m not great at dodging attacks, the extra Defense can be lifesaving.

Otherwise, I use Lettuce and Tomatoes for Salads to increase Work Speed. It’s easy to have on-hand and increases Pal work efficiency. I keep it in my inventory and feed it to Kindling or Handiwork Pals, especially when they’re assigned to crafting high level recipes.

Here are all of the recipes that require Lettuce, as well as their effects and buffs:

  • Dumud Chowder: Increase Work Speed by 50% and Slow Hunger Decay.
  • Grilled Lamball: Increase Work Speed by 30% and Slow Sanity Decay.
  • Mozzarina Hamburger: Increase Work Speed by 50% and Slow Sanity Decay.
  • Rushoar Hot Dog: Increase Defense by 20%.
  • Salad: Increase Work Speed by 30%.

That covers how to get and use Lettuce in Palworld. Since no recipes require just Lettuce, you must produce a variety of food items to make recipes that give you the best boosts. Luckily, Pals help make this process mostly automatic. From here, check out our guides hub for topics like our complete guide to food stats and buffs or how to get and use Carbon Fiber.

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