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Foxparks cooking at a cooking pot
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The Complete Guide of All Food Stats and Buffs in Palworld

Here are all of the food items in Palworld with their stats and buffs laid out.

Food is necessary for keeping you and your Pals alive. Many survival crafting games include a Hunger gauge, and different food items fill and satiate hunger in varying amounts. Palworld has its own systems. So here, I break down all of the food stats in Palworld.

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All Palworld Food Stats Listed and Detailed: Raw Food, Cooked Food, Berries, Eggs, and More

Food can be eaten raw or cooked. However, I cook all of my food because it generally provides more nutrition for Pals. I only eat raw food when I’m out exploring, gathering resources, or hunting Pals, and I’m in a pinch.

Food in Palworld has an expiration timer. Only two items are exempt from the expiration timer: Honey and Cotton Candy. However, Honey and Cotton Candy don’t provide much nutrition or restore much Sanity. So, you must always balance how much food you prepare to avoid wasting any, — or you must store a lot of Honey and Cotton Candy to make up for it, which I don’t recommend.

Aside from the expiration timer, food has two stats: nutrition and Sanity. Nutrition refers to how well a food item fills the Hunger gauge. Sanity refers to how much the food restores Pal Sanity meters. Pals with low Sanity slack off and take breaks to use the Hot Spring. Having food that can keep their Sanity meter high means Pals take fewer breaks. Further, some food provides a temporary buff to the Pal or person who eats it.

All Raw Food Nutrition and Sanity Stats

Red Berries and Honey in a Feed Box
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Raw food items are the first you encounter in Palworld. Here are the stats for all of the game’s raw items, ranging from eggs and milk to wheat and tomatoes.

Broncherry Meat1800None
Caprity Meat570None
Chikipi Poultry360None
Cotton Candy55None
Eikthyrdeer Venison500None
Galeclaw Poultry360None
Lamball Mutton370None
Mammorest Meat1800None
Mozzarina Meat570None
Raw Dumud500None
Raw Kelpsea360None
Red Berries150None
Reindrix Venison640None
Rushboar Pork430None

All Cooked Food Nutrition Fact, Sanity Stats, and Buffs

Cooking Pot recipe options
Screenshot by GameSkinny

And once you unlock more cooking methods, like the Cooking Pot, you can access more recipes. Here are the stats for all cooked items in Palworld.

Baked Berries211None
Baked Mushrooms181None
Boiled Dumud701None
Broncherry Rib Roast2523None
Cake65682None, but required to breed Pals
Carbonara12916Increase Defense 20%
Chikipi Saute9212Increase Work Speed 30%
Dumud Chowder17021Increase Work Speed 50%, Slow Hunger Decay
Eikthyrdeer Loco Moco17422Increase Attack 20%
Eikthyrdeer Stew21227Increase Defense 20%
Fried Chikipi10814Increase Work Speed 30%, Slow Sanity Decay
Fried Egg231None
Fried Kelpsea10814Increase Defense 10%, Slow Sanity Decay
Grilled Chikipi501None
Grilled Galeclaw501None
Grilled Kelpsea501None
Grilled Lamball14718Increase Work Speed 30%, Slow Sanity Decay
Herb Roasted Caprity801None
Herb Roasted Lamball9412Increase Defense 10%
Hot Milk161None
Jam-Filled Bun516None
Lamball Kebab521None
Mammorest Steak2523None
Marinated Mushrooms607Increase Defense 10%
Mozzarina Cheeseburger28836Increase Attack 20%, Slow Hunger Decay
Mozzarina Hamburger16220Increase Work Speed 50%, Slow Sanity Decay
Mozzarina Steak801None
Mushroom Soup527Slow Hunger Decay
Omelet677Increase Attack 10%
Pancake425Slow Sanity Decay
Pizza18423Increase Work Speed 30%, Slow Hunger Decay
Reindrix Stew13217Slow Hunger Decay
Roast Eikthyrdeer701None
Roast Reindrix2521None
Roast Rushoar601None
Rushoar Bacon ‘n’ Eggs16721Increase Attack 10%
Rushoar Hot Dog14018Increase Defense 20%
Salad8411Increase Work Speed 30%
Stewed Galeclaw9212Slow Sanity Decay
Stir-Fried Veggies897Increase Attack 10%

It’s important to know the buffs each cooked meal provides. For example, I prefer to eat something like Rushoar Bacon ‘n’ Eggs or Stir-Fried Veggies if I’m taking on a Syndicate Tower. I eat Reindrix Stew if I’m out gathering resources, so I don’t have to carry as many food items and have more room for Ores and other items.

But those are all of the food stats and buffs in Palworld. I feed my Pals Honey the most, but if I have ingredients to cook food, I go ahead and make what I can for Pals that need more nutrition. From here, check our guides hub for other topics like the best way to farm Technology Points or how to get and use Polymer.

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