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How to Fix UE Polaris Game Has Crashed Fatal Error in Tekken 8

The UE Polaris error crashing your game? Here are some potential solutions.

There’s a major problem plaguing Tekken 8 at launch. A devil from the game’s CNT and demo, the UE Polaris Fatal error crashes Bandai Namco’s fighter at launch. It also hits at the main menu and during online matches. Here, I’ll share some potential solutions to fix it.

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What is the UE Polaris Fatal Error Crash in Tekken 8?

The root cause of the UE Polaris Fatal Error in Tekken 8 isn’t known. It happens at random, appearing for some players when they boot the game. Other players get it during online play. While others get it during character selection.

Others have pointed to hardware incompatibilities. Players who initially didn’t meet the game’s GPU requirements have said upgrading to a new GPU has fixed the UE Polaris Fatal Error. Others have said it’s issues with Windows (10 and 11), Proton on Steam Deck, and anti-virus settings. It’s an invasive bug that’s hard to pin down.

How to Fix the UE Polaris Game Has Crashed Error

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That makes troubleshooting it harder. I’m playing Tekken 8 on PS5 and haven’t encountered any crashes or issues. However, a little research brings up some potential solutions. I’ll get the easy ones out of the way:

  • Update Tekken 8.
  • Update Windows.
  • Update your GPU drivers.
  • Disable crossplay.
  • Restart Steam and your device.
  • Run Tekken 8 as an Administrator.
  • Verify the integrity of your game files.
  • Disable or give permissions to your Firewall and anti-virus.

I don’t recommend uninstalling and reinstalling Tekken 8, especially if your internet provider enforces a data cap. It’s a last resort that should be treated like one. If UE Polaris is related to GPU incompatibility, adjusting your graphics settings down is a good test. Lower your graphics settings and try playing again

Run Tekken 8 in Windows 8 Compatibility Mode

More involved fixes include running Tekken 8 in Windows 8 compatibility mode. Go to the game’s file location in the Steam folder on your drive. Steam Apps -> Common.

Left-click on the Tekken 8 .exe file first, then right-click. Choose Properties. Then click the Compatibility tab at the top of the pop-up. Click “Run this program in compatibility mode for,” then choose Windows 8.

Make sure to left-click on the application file in the Steam folder. I only right-clicked initially, and the compatibility tab didn’t appear. One Steam user said to also do this for the Polaris-Win64-Shipping.exe, but I wasn’t able to test this myself.

Perform a Proton Hotfix for Tekken 8 (Steam Deck)

Another fix I found is specifically for those playing Tekken 8 on Steam Deck. Try running a Proton hotfix for the game. This hasn’t worked for everyone, but it’s solved the UE Polaris error for some.

Run Tekken 8 Using DX12

Another potential solution is to run Tekken 8 using DirectX12. Right-click Tekken 8 in your Steam library. Go to Properties. Type -dx12 in the launch options at the bottom of the General tab.

Tekken 8 just released. If you’ve run into this error while playing online matches, it could be that the servers are overloaded. Tekken 8 Director Katsuhiro Harada has acknowledged the game is experiencing multiplayer issues. The team is working to solve them.

The UE Polaris Game Has Crashed error doesn’t seem related to internet or server issues. However, if you get any crashes while playing online, check the Tekken 8 server status through social channels. Then check your internet connection, and make sure you’re playing on a wired LAN connection. None of the above fixes work on console, so that’s the best solution for anyone playing on PS5 or Xbox Series.

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