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How to Get 100 Free Pulls in Zenless Zone Zero

You can get up to a massive 100 pulls completely free in Zenless Zone Zero. Here's how.

One of the biggest draws to starting Zenless Zone Zero in the launch window is the massive amount of rewards for a successful launch. All in all, right now you can get 100 free pulls across the standard and premium event banners, plus an additional 80 on the Bangboo banner (more on that later). Here’s how to get your free pull in ZZZero.

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How to Get All 100 Free Gacha Pulls in Zenless Zone Zero

Before we start, no, you do not get 100 pulls just for installing the game and getting past the opening cutscene. To get all the launch rewards in Zenless Zone Zero, you need to play the game for at least two weeks and claim everything as the days go by. All told, you can claim the following rewards during the first few weeks of ZZZero‘s life:

  • 70 Master Tape for use on the standard banner (think Acquient Fate or Star Rail Passes)
  • 20 Encrypted Master Tape for use on the limited banner (think Intertwined Fate or Special Star Rail Passes)
  • 1,600 Polychrome for spending how you like (think Primogems or Stellar Jade)
  • 80 Boopon for pulling on the Bangboo banners. Bangboos are summonable buddies who can provide additional abilities, attacks, and buffs in battle

Here’s the breakdown of how you get it all.

Pre-Registration Rewards

  • 20 Master Tape
  • 5 Boopons
  • The A-Rank Agent Corin
  • 30,000 Denny (the basic currency in ZZZero)

All you need to do to claim these rewards is unlock the Mail function, which you’ll do within ten or so minutes of play.

Cunning Generosity Event

The Cunning Generosity Rewards in Zenless Zone Zero
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  • 10 Master Tape

Log in to the game between launch on July 4 at 10:00 AM server time and August 13 at 3:59 server time. Rewards are delivered via the Event Screen, which you unlock after completing the prologue mission The Proxy and the Hare. Or, more specifically, after petty a cute kitty once the mission is complete.

New City Visitor’s Passport and Sixth Street Giveaway Event

The New City Visitor's Passport event rewards in Zenless Zone Zero
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  • 10 Encrypted Master Tape each

Here, you’ll need to log in for seven days total (they do not need to be consecutive) to claim the limited banner pulls. This first event runs from launch on July 4 at 10:00 AM server time to August 13 at 3:59 server time, and you will miss out on the pulls if you leave any unclaimed when the event ends. The second is active between July 11 and August 13, and the same rules apply.

Road to Proxy Greatness Event

The Road to Proxy Greatness Event Rewards in Zenless Zone Zero
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  • 40 Master Tape
  • 1,600 Polychrome
  • 65 Boopons

You get all these rewards, a true mother lode, by increasing your Inter-Knot level, Zenless Zone Zero‘s version of Adventure Rank from Genshin Impact, or Trailblazer Level from Honkai: Star Rail. You’ll be able to claim everything by the time you reach IKL 30, with rewards claimable at levels 5, 10, 15, 25, and 30. I should mention that this event has no endpoint, and you can claim the rewards at any time after launch, provided you reach the right level thresholds.

“En-Nah” Into Your Lap Event

  • 10 Boopons

The final event awarding pulls in Zenless Zone Zero, “En-Nah” Into Your Lap is another daily login reward.

And that is how you can get up to 100 free pulls across the standard, limited, and Bangboo banners in Zenless Zone Zero. If I were you, I’d only be spending the Master Tape standard banner items, as those rewards are fixed, and until you know what all those pulls get you character-wise, it’s probably more prudent to save the more valuable Encrypted Master Tapes for a character you really want. The early limited characters might be good now, but because ZZZero is a gacha game, they are assured to be outshone by later options, maybe in the not-too-distant future.

Of course, don’t let me tell you how to spend your resources in Zenless Zone Zero. The cardinal rule of pulling for characters is only trying to get those you really like, whether for their character design, their gameplay, or both. If a character doesn’t vibe with you, there’s no harm in saving your Polychrome and ENcrypted Master Tapes for one that does more to entice you. There might be plenty of premium currency available in ZZZero without spending money, but it’s not infinite, and unless you want to be constantly resource-poor (like me), you’re better off only choosing characters you think you’ll enjoy for long periods of time. Meta chasing has its benefits, sure, but fun should always trump efficiency, in my book.

We’ll be covering more on Zenless Zone Zero as the game evolves, so stay tuned.

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