Get the lowdown on how to get one of these elusive Pokemon and what to do with it next!

How to Get a Ditto in Pokemon Go

Get the lowdown on how to get one of these elusive Pokemon and what to do with it next!

After months and months of waiting, the elusive Ditto has finally surfaced in Pokemon Go. There were rumors that Ditto would be making an appearance back at the beginning of November when data miners found its code embedded in some code but on November 23rd, Niantic announced that Ditto had indeed been found and that they were now catchable by any trainer.

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So, where is Ditto hiding?

Well, the short answer to that is everywhere.

But if you want the long answer, then here it is. Ditto’s main ability, Transform, allows it to morph into any other Pokemon it comes across making impossible to pin to any specific location or spawn point. It can be disguised as absolutely anything! I found one from, what I thought, was a Rattata catch. So all those worthless Pidgey’s, Weedle’s and Rattata’s you’ve not been catching for a while, because they are absolutely everywhere, are now very worthwhile because you don’t know if it will be a Ditto or not.

Is Ditto rare?

Yeah, he is pretty darn rare but it totally depends on whether or not you catch the really common Pokemon in the first place.

The great thing is that once a Ditto has been found, it will be there for everyone to get while the Pokemon is there. Say you are out on a hunt with a group of friends and a Zubat appears, one of your party catches and it turns into a Ditto. That same Zubat will transform into a Zubat for everyone who catches it! Neat, huh?

When catching these normal Pokemon, you will know that you have a Ditto when the ball stops moving and it says “Oh?”. Then watch your little Pokemon transform into the mighty purple blob!

Battling with Ditto

Trainers are going nuts over Ditto’s arrival because of one unique feature he brings to Gym Battles. As previously mentioned, Ditto has a skill called Transform which will allow it to transform into any other Pokemon it encounters so when you use it in a gym battle, it will transform into the first Pokemon it comes up against and will remain like that for the entire battle.

If it comes up against another Ditto, the results are less impressive. Its secondary skill is called Struggle and is only used against other Dittos. Both will just wiggle around a bit until Struggle is ready to use and eventually one Ditto will win.

While it does also gain the Pokemon’s moves, it doesn’t mimic its CP or stats so if you are wanting to use a Ditto in a battle, make sure you use your strongest one. Even though it doesn’t have a proper evolution, you can still use candies to level it up so making it your buddy would be really beneficial if you find yourself with a less than impressive Ditto.

Have you caught Ditto yet? Let us know your Ditto moments below!

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