How To Get A Mr. Handy in Fallout Shelter

Here's how to get your Mr. Handy! He's so handy!

Here's how to get your Mr. Handy! He's so handy!

Editor’s note: This guide is applicable for all versions of the game, including mobile, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. 

Mr. Handy is an all-around handyman that’s been assisting Fallout players since the series began way back in 1997. This multi-purpose utility robot was commercially released by General Atomic International and RobCo Industries in the year 2037. Named for his many appendages, Mr. Handy is a dependable chore robot who is intended to take care of household needs. 

In the popular mobile game Fallout Shelter, Mr. Handy makes yet another appearance — in fact, he makes several. As you build and maintain your vault in the post-nuclear wasteland that’s central to the Fallout universe, you can acquire up to five Mr. Handys for yourself. 

But how do you do that? This guide is going to give you the rundown of every way you can get your hands on this handy little device.

Acquiring a Mr. Handy in Fallout Shelter 

There are a number of different ways you can go about picking up one of these robotic assistants. Whether you grind for it or choose to fork over some real-life bottlecaps, each means of acquiring Mr. Handy is fairly simple. Here’s a quick explanation of each method.

Get and Open Lunchboxes 

Lunchboxes can be obtained in a number of ways. You can buy them with real-world money at about $0.99 per lunchbox, or you can check your Daily Progress Report every day for an entire week — which earns you a complementary lunchbox. You can even gather them during quests, or by completing objectives (which we’ll go more into detail about in the next tip). 

Lunchboxes are normally a treasure trove that give caps, power, water, clothes, and sometimes rare dwellers with advanced S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats to help build your vault faster. Each lunchbox contains 5 cards, and sometimes they’ll contain a Mr. Handy.

Complete Objectives

Your objectives list can be found in your Pip-Boy menu located at the bottom right side of the screen. These objectives are little challenges you can complete to earn rewards. The reward is indicated on the far right of the objective. 

Aim for the objectives that either have a lunchbox or a Mr. Handy box. If you don’t have one listed, you may be too low in level — but it is also very rare that an objective offers a Mr. Handy outright. You can skip one objective a day, and that might help increase your chances of getting the type of reward that you want. 

Buy Them

If you got the cash and you’re willing to spend it, you can just buy a Mr. Handy outright. One Mr. Handy will cost you $0.99, or you can pick up 5 of them at $3.99. 

Is it worth picking up a Mr. Handy at all? How handy is he really?

Having a Mr. Handy (or several) will make running your vault in Fallout Shelter so much easier. They collect resources for you while you are in and out of the game, which means the power will be less likely to go out if you get busy in the real world. 

Mr. Handy will also help defend dwellers during attacks and incidents. Have a fire? Mr. Handy has an extinguisher for a hand. Have a mole rat or Deathclaw problem? He also has a saw and a flamethrower attached to him. 

Finally, you can send Mr. Handy out to collect caps from the Wasteland! a Mr. Handy will avoid fights and can collect up to 5,000 caps before returning to the vault. No need to waste your Stimpacks and RadAways on your dwellers — this is a safer way to earn those much-needed caps.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get a Mr. Handy! Or stick around and check out the rest of our Fallout Shelter guides for a little extra help with this apocalyptic mobile game.

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