How to get Abducted by Aliens in The Sims 4

Before you learn how to get abducted by aliens in The Sims 4, you'll need a particular expansion pack.

Before you learn how to get abducted by aliens in The Sims 4, you'll need a particular expansion pack.

You can get abducted by aliens in The Sims 4 entirely by chance, but there are some ways to increase the chance of your Sims having an alien encounter. To even think about all this, though, you need to have the Get to Work expansion pack installed. Let’s go over how to get abducted in The Sims 4, and how you can increase the chances of seeing your Sims temporarily taken on a galactic ride.

How to Get Abducted by Aliens in the Sims 4

It’s not probable to just happen, but it is possible for your Sims to be abducted by aliens just by standing around outside in the dark.

Learn Logic and / or Become a Genius

You can increase the likelihood of an individual Sim being abducted by increasing their Logic stat. Through improving their Logic, you have additional object interactions that can lead to alien abduction and may be able to learn the Genius trait.

Sims with the Genius trait are more likely to be abducted than others, but a Sims doesn’t have to be created with it. As mentioned, with high enough Logic you may get an opportunity to imprint Genius onto a Sim.

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At Logic 7, your Sim can use the Backyard Observatory to Search for Truth, which increases the chance of abduction.

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Use Scientist Career Rewards

The highest chance of abduction comes from being in the Scientist career.

The Scientist career rewards include the Satellite Dish and the Out of this World Desktop, both of which give you the option to Contact Aliens.

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Cheat Your Way to Alien Abduction

If none of this seems to be working to get your Sim abducted, you can use cheats to force the Sim you have selected to get abducted by doing the following:

  • Press Control + Shift + C.
  • Type in “testingcheats true” and hit enter.
  • Type in “interactions.push AlienAbduction_BeAbducted” and hit enter again.

You can use this cheat to get your Sims abducted multiple times, which could also result in an alien pregnancy. In that case, we have The Sims 4 guides to handle the new Infant life stage and content from the Growing Together DLC like a list of Infant Quirks or how to get Keepsake Boxes.

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