The missile silos and hangers in the War mode in MW3
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How to Get ADS and Fully Loaded Kills in MW3

IF you want every camo in Modern Warfare 3, you need to know how to get ADS and Fully Loaded kills.

Getting certain camos in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 requires completing specific, sometimes poorly explained tasks. That’s why we’re going over how to get ADS and Fully Loaded kills, because you’re not getting Interstellar camo without them.

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The Best Way to Get ADS and Fully Loaded Kills in Modern Warfare 3

You need to get 25 ADS and Fully Loaded kills for both the MTZ-762 and Longbow weapons, specifically for their Forged camo challenges. And because of the kind of kills they are on these particular weapons, you should have no issues getting them.

In short, to ADS — or aim down sight — means you need to aim down your sights to get kills. That means no hipfire and no Tac stance. You’ll be pressing left trigger or right mouse if you want to get them. A Fully Loaded kill is any kill with five attachments on your gun. Because both the Longbow and MTZ-762 are best used while aimed, and they’ll already be max level by the time you reach this challenge, your only barrier is actually getting the kills.

Getting an ADS kill on the War mode in MW3
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How to Farm Camo Challenges for ADS and Fully Loaded

The best place in MW3 to farm camo challenges is undoubtedly the War mode. There are a couple of reasons why.

No killstreaks. War is almost exclusively a gun-on-gun mode, with tons of predictable sightlines and power positions at each stage of the level. When you don’t need to worry about earning, using, or losing your streaks, you spend more time shooting at the enemies right in front of you. Mind you, none of the weapons that require ADS and Fully Loaded kills are great in close range, but with the right positioning, you can easily fight at their optimal distances.

Longer, more predictable matches. A full two-round match of War can last upwards of 20-25 minutes, and I’ve easily managed 60+ kills in that time with the best guns in the game.

When you’re camo grinding, you won’t necessarily be using the meta loadouts, but if you get even half of my higher kill games, you’ll have finished the challenge almost twice over. And because there’s only one War map, you will always know where enemies are coming from and can better decide where you need to go next.

Tips for Getting More Kills While ADS and Fully Loaded

The one thing I can’t teach you here is how to aim better, but play verticality whenever possible, especially during the tank section. Learn the typical ways that you and the enemy team move through the map at each of the three sections and try to hold down popular sightlines. As this version of War is mostly played on Crossfire from Call of Duty 4, there will always be traffic down the center near the tank as well as near the second corner the tank needs to go around.

The very last piece of advice I’ll give is to make sure you’ve homed in on the best sensitivity settings. Testing new or different aiming sensitivities can work wonders, especially in ADS. I have several colleagues who couldn’t get these ADS and Fully Loaded kills as easily as they would’ve liked, only to knock them out quickly by tweaking their aiming settings — even just a hair off from what they’re normally comfortable with. It never hurts to try if you’re having trouble.

Those are my best tips for getting ADS and Fully Loaded kills in Modern Warfare 3. For more on the game, such as a list of all the Mastery Camo challenges or the best loadouts for guns like the TAQ Eradicator, click the links or check out our larger MW3 guides hub.

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