How to Get Advanced Seals in Fire Emblem Three Hopes

Getting Advanced Seals in Three Hopes requires a bit of patience.

Getting Advanced Seals in Three Hopes requires a bit of patience.
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You’ll probably need Advanced Seals in Fire Emblem Three Hopes before you can actually get them. It’s not unheard of for characters to level up at a much faster rate than you progress in the story, which means you may end up stuck with Intermediate-level classes for a few chapters once the timeskip happens.

After you hit chapter 7, though, getting Advanced Seals is significantly easier.

How to Get Advanced Seals in Fire Emblem Three Hopes

Before Chapter 7, you only get Intermediate Seals

You can get Advanced Seals sporadically in a few ways. One is earning them as rewards for obtaining an S-rank in battle, though Advanced Seals as rewards usually only pop up later in the game.

Another opens up after chapter 7. You can start finding them in a region’s scouting locations after clearing the area’s battle, although it’s not the most reliable method, and you won’t get that many.

The Reward Master also offers one Advanced Seal for reaching certain achievement milestones.

The only surefire way to get Advanced Seals is buying them from the item seller at your war camp, and you can start doing that from chapter 7. If you’re short on cash, sell some of the excess Smithing Stones you wind up collecting, or the random Smithing Stones you can’t actually do anything with aside from selling.

While you’re waiting on Chapter 7, feel free to experiment with other classes to pick up new Combat Arts and see what you like best. If you want the Arts but not the battle experience, use the “optimize” feature during training sessions, and the system usually picks the next-best class for your chosen units to get experience in.

Once you have the Advanced Seals, there’s still one more step you need to do.

Class Certification Exam

You need to upgrade the Training Facility to unlock the Advanced Class Certification Exam. It’s the same process as when you unlocked Intermediate Exams, only this time, you need Veteran Training Materials. You earn these from exploring settlements on the war map starting in chapter 7 as well.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Advanced Seals in Fire Emblem Three Hopes, but make sure to check out our other Three Hopes guides for more tips and tricks.

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