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How to Get Agent Smith in MultiVersus

Follow our guide if you wish to know how to get Agent Smith in MultiVersus before July 23, 2024.

Agent Smith, from The Matrix cinematic universe, is the newest character in MultiVersus. However, you’ll be able to unlock him for free only before July 23, 2024. In this guide, I’ll provide you with tips on how to get Agent Smith in MultiVersus before that deadline.

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MultiVersus: How to Get Agent Smith

The only way to get Agent Smith for free in MultiVersus is to beat all the bosses in Rifts mode on all difficulties. Currently, there are five bosses and five nodes on four different difficulties, which equals 20 boss battles and 80 missions overall. Once you beat all the missions and the bosses, you earn rewards and unlock gems, which can be used to unlock Agent Smith in the end. Here’s a complete list of all Rifts mode battles, which you can also find in the Agent Smith’s tab of the “Events” menu:

  • Multiversal Mayhem!
  • Rift Detectives
  • Jason vs. Multiversus
  • Techno Terror
  • Surf’s Up!

There’s also a tutorial section to help new players understand the mechanics of the battles. But each boss battle includes four of the following difficulties, which unlock one after the other once you beat the previous one:

  • Easy
  • Experienced
  • Crushing
  • Looney
Rifts mode menu in Multiversus
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As I already mentioned, each of the five Rifts has five nodes, including the following missions:

  • Battle
  • Matching Game
  • Volleyball
  • Jump Rope
  • Boss Battle

MultiVersus Rifts Mode Tips and Tricks

I understand that this may be a bit confusing, but having all this information in your hands, here’s how I suggest you complete all of these tasks and finally unlock Agent Smith:

  • Start with an Easy difficulty and complete matches against bots. You can easily do this in solo mode, but feel free to invite a friend for a co-op session. This is going to be really easy since enemies retain the damage taken from before during your attempts. Enemies do little damage, and you get a chance to start collecting and leveling your gems.
  • Continue on with the Experienced difficulty, where enemies reset all damage between attempts. This means that you need to try and complete missions in one go. Another thing I noticed is that enemies are capable of escaping grabs, and they also do more damage.
  • Once your gems are leveled to Rank 4 and you are able to complete the first two difficulties, you can move on to the Crushing difficulty. Here, your dodge meter will play a huge role, so try to keep it filled. This means that your gem attacks must not be too low. If your dodge meter is empty, then you’ll be fatigued, resulting in slower attacks and an inability to deal stuns or knockbacks from your side.
  • When your gems are at Level 9 and you’ve finished the Crushing difficulty, you can continue to the Looney difficulty. At this stage, your own damage and number of lives are carried over to the next attempt. Your amount of lives is also limited per day, although you can purchase more if you want to. Enemies don’t stop for a second, and attacks are constant and very hurtful.

Once these are finished, Agent Smith will unlock for free. That’s all I wanted to tell you about how to get Agent Smith in MultiVersus. Stay tuned for more MV tips and tricks articles right here.

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