How to Get Better at Racing Games

Learn the basics of optimal racing lines.

Learn the basics of optimal racing lines.
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I’ll admit it: I’m a racing game junkie.

Aside from mobile games (which are timekillers for me) and Minecraft, racing games are the only games that I really play anymore. Part of the reason for that is time — you can get enjoyment from a racing game in only 10 minutes a day,while you probably need an hour or more to get a lot of fun from an RPG. The second reason is that I’ve always loved racing . To me, there are few things more exciting.

With that said, no game is fun if you suck at it (I know, because I’m among the world’s worst FPS players). If you’re playing racing games and you aren’t very good at them, I can pretty much guarantee the reason is that you aren’t hitting your racing lines.

If you’re struggling to get better at racing games, this is a great video for you. Produced by the team at iRacing, it will teach you the basics of making optimal turns. If you like it, make sure to watch the rest of the videos in their series. They’re all exceptional.


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