How to Get and Use Clay in Enshrouded

Find out how to get and use lumps of Clay in Enshrouded here.

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Clay is a valuable material you’ll need to get further in Enshrouded. However, the simple-sounding resource is tougher to find than you’d think. I’ll tell you how to get Clay in Enshrouded here.

How to Get Lumps of Clay in Enshrouded

If you’re searching high and low for Clay, you’re not alone. The earthy material is only found in the northern region of the map, and it takes a lengthy journey to get there. Clay is found in the Revelwood region, directly north of the Farmer Ancient Vault. The nodes look like orange material jutting out of the rockface. Use any pickaxe to mine Lumps of Clay from the Clay nodes.

To reach Clay nodes, you must progress north from the starting region to the Farmer Ancient Vault. I highly recommend coming prepared with Fire Altars so you have respawn points if the region proves itself tricky. I also recommend you be Level 10 or higher for the area, or you’ll need to constantly outrun all enemies you come across.

  • Head North of the starting region until you reach the Farmer Ancient Vault.
  • Progress to the top of the Farmer Vault to reach the area above it.
  • Exit north of the Farmer Vault.
    • I placed a Fire Altar here. Feel free to dismantle it after you reach the Clay nodes.
  • Continue north, staying in the lower regions until you reach a bridge.
    • The bridge is guarded, but I easily ran my way through it.
  • Clay nodes are directly past the bridge along the mountainside.
    • I also placed a Fire Altar here.
Map of where to get clay in enshrouded.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

You’ll see a direct line of my path on the map above with a star marking the region where I found the plentiful Clay Nodes. Furthermore, the Fire Altar I placed to the east of my path has a small area of Clay Nodes directly north of it.

How to Use Clay in Enshrouded

You unlock Clay recipes at the Carpenter, like the staple crafting Kiln that requires x50 Stone, x10 Lumps of Clay, x10 Metal Scraps and x2 Twigs.

Afterward, you can use it for useful upgrades like the Fired Brick building materials (1 Lump of Clay and x1 Wood Log), and the Clay Fireplace (x4 Lumps of Clay, x4 Wood Logs, and x10 Fired Bricks). If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for ways to spruce up the base, and having bricks on hand is the perfect way to do so.

That’s how to get Clay in Enshrouded. If you found this guide useful and want to discover more tips and tricks, check out our guides hub.

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