How to Get Dark and Darker: Full Download Details

Here's how to get Dark and Darker now that the game has a new publisher.

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Ironmace’s multiplayer fantasy game quickly became incredibly popular when it was released on Steam. And then — it disappeared. Amid the developer’s legal woes, allegations, and lawsuits, the game was delisted from Valve’s platform. It’s still not there today. With that said, you may be wondering how to get Dark and Darker. Now published by Chaf Games, here’s what you need to know if you want to download and play.

How to Get Dark and Darker: Full Download Details

To get Dark and Darker, go to the Ironmance Store, sign up for an Ironmace account, then sign up for an Xsolla account. Add the game to your cart, purchase the game, download the launcher, and play.

The Dark and Darker download is only on PC and available through the official Ironmace store. It isn’t available on Steam. You can currently purchase two versions of the game:

  • Standard Edition: Full game, Early Access, Bluestone Shard +5.
  • Founder’s Edition: Hold the Line — Full game, Early Access, Test access, Bluestone Shard +5, exclusive race: Skeleton, exclusive item skin: Blue Torch, Hold the Line emote.

How Much is Dark and Darker? Answered

Now that you know how to get Dark and Darker, how much does it cost to download?

  • The Standard Edition is $35.
  • The Founder’s Edition is $50.

After an outage that saw Ironmace take the store down for a time to resolve some issues and bugs, the prices for each edition are available and you can now purchase the game without any hiccups. According to the game’s Discord channel, the developers took the shop functionality offline (as of 8/7/23). They also acknowledged “incorrect payments” and rectified that issue, as well.

To buy the game, make an Ironmace account and go through the verification process. Be sure to check your email for a verification code. Then, enter that in the fields, and agree to the terms and conditions. You’ll use Xsolla to check out. Sign up for a Xsolla account here. After verification, give it permission to use the email and phone number you signed up with.

How to Play Dark and Darker

To play Dark and Darker, you’ll first need to purchase it from the Ironmace store, then download the launcher called the Blacksmith Installer. This is found in the top right corner of each page on the Ironmace website. Chrome blocked the download for me, so I had to allow it in my downloads manually. Once you get it installed, simply use the launcher to hop into the game!

Ironmace has recently been made aware of some bugs with the Blacksmith Launcher and has provided a fix that should have fixed the issue

How to Fix System Error Finding the App

To fix the System Error Finding the App issue, you’ll need to wait for Ironmace to bring the payment systems back online.

That’s how to get Dark and Darker in Early Access. For more, head over to our Dark and Darker guides hub, where we cover topics like healing, reviving, and best builds.

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