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How to Get Dauntless Evernight in Wuthering Waves

Pick up this 4-star broadsword as a guaranteed drop!

Since it’s difficult to get 5-star weapons, picking up some decent 4-star weapons keeps your team strong. Then, you don’t have to rush or worry about spending money for better weapons, letting you take your time collecting them. Here’s how to get Dauntless Evernight in Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves: How to Get Dauntless Evernight

Dauntless Evernight is a 4-star broadsword that you can get in a few different ways with varying levels of success. Its substat is Defense, and it’s a recommended weapon for Taoqi, a 4-star character. First, you can pull Dauntless Evernight from any Convene Banner. Second, you can get Dauntless Evernight as a reward for completing the quest “We Promise, We Deliver,” which becomes available when you finish the initial set of quests with Yangyang and Chixia and reach Union Level 10.

How to Complete ‘We Promise, We Deliver’

After the beginning quest set, the world opens up and more quests become available to you, including “We Promise, We Deliver.” Although this quest has you do a lot of exploring, you can’t access the location with the blade until you complete it, even though you get close to it early in the questline. First, you need to check the Wanted Poster in Jinzhou, which you find near the Synthesizer.

Then, go into your menu and open your mail to find a letter from Lollo Logistics. Reading it brings up your next quest marker, which you use to find the Jinzhou branch of the company. Once you talk to Tang Manliu and Mimika outside the Lollo Logistics’ entrance, you can choose to automatically arrive at the outskirts of the Sea of Flames by traveling with Tang. If you decide to travel alone and continue the quest later, the map below shows the location where you can meet up with Tang.

Once you speak with Tang, you get sent into the middle of the Sea of Flames to find Mimika. Of course, she isn’t where her touchpad is located. But you get to fight a Tacet Discord that’s riding a motorcycle and pass out during the battle. Once you’re awake, go speak with Mimika at the Resonance Nexus found on the map below. After this point, you get help from more Fast Travel options and quest objectives that are pretty close together.

Defeat the Inferno Rider and Pick Up Dauntless Evernight

Now, you need to search for the person who sent out an SOS signal while Mimika was in the Sea of Flames. This leads to searching two abandoned facilities after you find Yunni, but you can fast travel with Mimika to the first facility. From here, you’ll prepare to fight the Tacet Discord by running around the Exiles area and solving puzzles. It’s pretty straightforward, and you get to practice using utilities like the Levitator. If you have tracking set for “We Promise, We Deliver,” you’ll have no issues getting around the research facilities for this section. Once you unlock the Explosive Spear utility, you get to Fast Travel to the final section.

Use Explosive Spears to fight the Inferno Rider and defeat him this time. After killing him, the ruins in the ground shift and you can become the Inferno Rider. Ride along the highways and avoid the flaming balls that roll at you. This solves the issue of the Sea of Flames, but don’t return to the city just yet. Instead, return to the highway and do the running challenge. From here, use the grapple points and air current to climb to the top of the largest building to find Dauntless Evernight in the ground.

That’s how to get Dauntless Evernight in Wuthering Waves. It’s nice to have, but if you don’t have Taoqi yet, it might not be worth grabbing until you pull her. From here, check out our WuWa guide hub for more content.

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