How to Get Destiny 2 for Free

We go over how to get Destiny 2 for free, as well as what's included in New Light.

We go over how to get Destiny 2 for free, as well as what's included in New Light.
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While most Destiny 2 legacy players are already knee-deep in Shadowkeep, new players might be wondering how to get Destiny 2 for free. After all, one of the biggest shakeups to hit the game in recent months was the reveal of New Light, the game’s free-to-play version, which is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 

Below, we go over how to get Destiny 2 for free, as well as what you get when playing the free version of the popular shooter. 

It’s important to note that while the free-to-play version of Destiny 2 is technically called Destiny 2: New Light, none of the storefronts below currently have an entry with that title. 

How to Get Destiny 2 for Free


You can download New Light on Steam. Steam is the only platform where PC players can get Destiny 2, with Bungie forgoing the Epic Games Store and GoG for the time being. It is no longer available on 

On PS4 

Go to the Destiny 2 page on the PlayStation Store. Click “Add to Cart.” Begin downloading. You will need to confirm your purchase, but no funds will be deducted from your account. 

On Xbox One

Go to the Microsoft Store here. You can also find the game on the Xbox Marketplace. Click “Get.” Begin downloading. 

Free Destiny 2 gives players a load of content, including PvP

What is Destiny 2: New Light

Destiny 2: New Light is the base game (first season) and part of the second season. Although you get a lot, you don’t get everything currently available for the game.

Here’s a rundown of what is and what isn’t included. 

What You Get 
  • A new intro mission
  • Seasonal events
  • Every destination*
  • Crucible (PvP)
  • Strikes
  • Gambit
  • All Year 1 content
    • Red War campaign
    • Curse of Osiris campaign
    • Warmind campaign
    • Eater of Worlds raid
    • Spire of Stars raid
    • Exotics
  • Some Year 2 content
    • Black Armory Forges
    • Gambit Prime
    • Menagerie

*Not every location is open in New Light. Some are locked because the F2P version does not include all Year 2 content. 

What You Don’t Get 
  • Year 2 story content
  • Year 2 annual pass content
  • Last Wish raid
  • Scourge of the Past raid
  • Crown of Sorrow raid
  • Shattered Throne strike
  • Alternate subclasses
  • Forsaken class supers
  • Shadowkeep 
  • Most Year 2 exotics

Despite what you don’t get, nabbing Destiny 2 for free is a huge steal. Most of the missing content is affordable and easy to get. With the entire base game and all of Year 1’s content at your fingertips, now’s the time to jump in and see if Destiny 2 is for you. Or, if you’ve been away for a while, jump back in on your platform of choice.  

If this is your first time venturing into the massive world of Destiny 2, be sure to check out our collection of Destiny 2 guides to get started. 

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