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How to Get and Use Dirt in Enshrouded

Here's how to get Dirt in Enshrouded to make Charcoal at the Kiln.

You need your fair share of materials to unlock recipes and strengthen yourself against the fog in this base-building crafting adventure. Dirt is one of the many ingredients required early on, getting it isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. I’ll tell you how to get Dirt in Enshrouded.

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Where to Find Dirt in Enshrouded

After the Sleeping Survivor journal quest, the Blacksmith has some new requests, and one of them requires Dirt. You need the material to craft Charcoal in the Kiln, as well as additional recipes that begin opening up. But there aren’t any shovel recipes or dirt mounds to gather from. So, how do you get Dirt? You must craft a Pickaxe to mine the ground for Dirt.

Interact with the Blacksmith to open his crafting menu in the Survival section. The Scrappy Pickaxe requires x8 Metal Scraps and x1 Shroud Wood.

Once you’ve crafted the Pickaxe, equip it from your hot bar and mine the earth with your action key (LMB on keyboard; X on controller). You can acquire Dirt from piles of Rubble, but if it’s just the topsoil you’re after, mine grassy regions or dirt paths. But don’t do so within your base area!

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How to Fix Dirt Holes in Enshrouded

Mining the earth terraforms the landscape. If you transformed your base into a ditch-filled minefield like I did, don’t worry. You can easily flatten and smooth dirt holes by using a Rake. You can craft the Rake at the Workbench with x6 Wood Logs, x2 String, and x2 Stone.

Once you have the Rake, equip it and use the action key over your terraformed landscape to smooth it out. Notably, I found this only works for grassy and dirt-filled areas within your base. I have a whole trench outside my buildable area that just exists now. So be mindful of where you dig.

How to Use Dirt in Enshrouded

Dirt is plenty useful at the Kiln to make Charcoal, and you’ll want all of the Charcoal you can get for advanced recipes. Charcoal requires x3 Dirt and x17 Wood Logs, so make sure to stock up. Most notably, must need to craft it to unlock the Forge. Here’s how to make the Forge.

  • x30 Stone
  • x10 Metal Scraps
  • x10 Charcoal
  • x12 Wood Logs

Once you unlock the Forge, you gain access to Metal Sheets to later craft Metal Blocks and strengthen your base. Needless to say, there’s more than meets the eye with Dirt. But now that you know how to get Dirt in Enshrouded, you’ll never run out. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks in our Enshrouded guides hub.

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