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How to Get Ethereal Ashes in Skull and Bones

Ethereal Ashes are a specialty currency in Skull and Bones. Here's how to get it.

Ethereal Ashes are a required currency for some items the Mysterious Rogue sells. As you already know, they’re hard to obtain but that’s likely because you’re looking in the wrong place. Here’s how to get Ethereal Ashes in Skull and Bones.

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Where to Find Ethereal Ashes in Skull and Bones

Similar to the Monstrous Tooth currency, Ethereal Ashes are obtained by defeating an elite enemy: the Level 8 ghost ship, Maangodin.

How to Find the Maangodin for Ethereal Ashes

There are two ways to encounter the Maangodin ghost ship. The first is to speak with the Mysterious Rogue at The Oubliette and accept the Oceans Apart quest. The other is to listen to rumors of a Spectral Sighting, and head to that location on the map. In either circumstance, it must be nighttime for the ship to appear.

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I found the best way to determine if it’s night is to dock somewhere nearby and see if my character uses a lamp. This ensures that I’m not just sailing under cloud cover or through a storm. Your crew will also mention if it suddenly gets chilly when you’re near the Ghost Ship.

How to Beat the Ghost Ship, Maangodin

The unique part of the rumors you hear is that the Maangodin is immune to damage in Skull and Bones. That’s mostly true. However, Maangodin has two weak spots: the skeletal filigrees on each side near the bow.

Ghost ship weak spot.
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If both skulls are intact, every other area is immune to damage. When one skull is destroyed, that side of the ghost ship loses protection. Taking out both skulls means Maangodin is completely vulnerable. It’s time to unload all you’ve got. The ghost ship doesn’t stay unprotected for long, however. Maangodin regenerates its protective skulls and its immunity after a short period.

When Maangodin reaches about half health, it becomes invulnerable and lifts out of the water. Surrounded by fog, it teleports to a location nearby. This occurs more frequently the lower its health gets. I was able to take the Ghost Ship on alone, though the battle took quite a bit of time to whittle down its health. Fire works well against it, still dealing damage when you reload.

Maangodin Rewards

  • Tarnished Ring (first defeat only)
  • Ethereal Ashes
  • Vengeful Essence
  • Treasure Map (Old)
  • Precision Drilling Bit
  • Screw Mechanism
  • Mysterious Chest

So far, I’ve only had two Ethereal Ashes drop from defeating Maangodin; it typically drops one Ethereal Ash per defeat. Board the Maangodin to increase your loot potential.

What are Ethereal Ashes Used for in Skull and Bones?

Mysterious Rogue with Ethereal Ashes inventory.
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The Mysterious Rogue at The Oubliette sells five items that can be bought with Ethereal Ashes. She’ll also give you 3,000 Silver for the Tarnished Ring, which completes the Ocean’s Apart quest.

  • Mysterious Chest: x50 Ethereal Ashes.
  • Blue Specter Blueprint: x50 Ethereal Ashes.
  • Hessel’s Torment: x15 Ethereal Ashes.
  • Hessel’s Pride: x20 Ethereal Ashes.
  • Hessel’s Treasure: x10 Ethereal Ashes.

You also need Ethereal Ashes to craft the Blue Specter. A total of x25 Ethereal Ashes, along with x5 Vengeful Essence, x2 Rubber, x2 Precision Drilling Bit, and x1 Wyrm’s Breath, are required to build the strongest Sea Fire weapon.

That’s how to get Ethereal Ashes in Skull and Bones. To learn how to get other currency, where to farm resources, or how PvP works, check out our guides vault.

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