Find out how to get FGS Swaps tokens in FIFA 22 by simply watching the qualifier games on stream.

How to Get FGS Swaps in FIFA 22

Find out how to get FGS Swaps tokens in FIFA 22 by simply watching the qualifier games on stream.
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FIFA Global Series (FGS) playoffs are back in FIFA 22. This means that players can now watch streams of the FGS playoffs and earn FGS Swaps tokens that allow you to acquire free premium and gold player packs. This guide will explain in detail how to get FGS Swaps tokens in FIFA 22.

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The main goal of the event is to qualify the best players through PSN and Xbox networks into the FIFA World Cup. The FGS series starts on November 27, but you can already take part in the Squad Building Challenges right now.

How to Enter FGS in FIFA 22

Anyone can take part in the Global Series, if you’ve reached the Elite Division in Division Rivals. In that case you can register before December 31, 2021 and take part in the qualifiers.

Beginning from November 27, 2021 anyone, regardless of your game status, can start watching the FGS streams on Twitch. The streaming dates will be revealed before each game, so keep an eye out on the official FIFA Twitter account.

In this way you can start earning the FGS Swaps tokens for simply watching at least 60 minutes of the streams.

How to Get FGS Swaps Tokens

Players may only earn one token per week, so there is no need to watch more than one hour of any scheduled event a week, unless you wish to do so.

In order to watch the FGS streams you need to make sure that your EA and Twitch accounts are linked:

  1. Go to this Twitch EA linking service and log-in
  2. Go to EA Sports Twitch channel
  3. Choose the FGS event you want and watch it for 60 minutes

In the end you will be rewarded with the FGS Swaps token. Below is the complete breakdown of the rewards you can exchange for the tokens.

Reward Equal Cost
1x Token
Premium Gold Pack 7,500
2x Token Premium Gold Player Pack 25,000
3x Token Prime Gold Players Pack 45,000
4x Token Jumbo Rare Players Pack 100,000


That’s all you need to know on how to get FGS Swaps tokens in FIFA 22. If you found this article useful, then consider sharing it online!

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