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How to Get Five Golden Fingers in Vampire Survivors

Check out how to get all Five Golden Fingers in Vampire Survivors.

Golden Fingers are a key component for an important unlock in Vampire Survivors, but it’s a long way to get the chance to find them in the first place. In this article, I’ll show you step-by-step instructions on how to get Gold Fingers in Vampire Survivors, so buckle up!

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Where to Find 5 Gold Fingers in Vampire Survivors

Golden Fingers are found on a challenge stage called Astral Stair. If you haven’t unlocked the Astral Stair yet, I’ll make sure to inform you of the prerequisites below. Astral Stair has many doors through which you can pass into other rooms on the stage:

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When you character touches the door, you’ll see a white flash of light and you’ll be transported into the room that the door leads to. In these rooms, you will find a Gold Finger. Here is the (approximate) map of the doors (they can be found on both sides of the corridor):

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I’ve already picked up the Golden Finger in the second row, so that’s why you don’t see it in the image above.

What Does Golden Finger Do in Vampire Survivors?

When you pick up a Gold Finger in Vampire Survivors, you start a small challenge, where you are supposed to beat as many enemies as possible in a short time frame (14 seconds, to be exact). You are invulnerable and get a variety of temporary stat boosts to help with the challenge. Depending on how good you are in extermination of the enemies, you’ll get different rewards:

  • Bronze Tier: between 0 (+player level x1) and 500 kills
  • Silver Tier: between 500 (+player level x2) and 1000 kills
  • Gold Tier: between 1000 (+player level x3) and 1500 kills
  • Demon Tier: between 1500 (+player level x4) and 2500 kills
  • Cosmic: above 2500 kills (+player level x5)

Rewards include weapons, gold, healing, and treasure chests, and these are dropped to you after the challenge ends.

How to Unlock Astral Stair Challenge Stage in Vampire Survivors

Astral Stair is unlocked by reaching Level 80 with any character in the Inverse version of Inlaid Library. Sounds simple, but there is a list of pre-requisites that you must fulfill:

  • Inverse mode is unlocked by obtaining Gracia’s Mirror relic on the Eudaimonia Machine stage.
  • The Eudaimonia Machine stage is unlocked after you unlock each and every core game relic:
    • Grim Grimoire (done at Inlaid Library)
    • Ars Gouda (done at Dairy Plant)
    • Milky Way Map (done at Dairy Plant)
    • Magic Banger (done at Green Acres)
    • Sorceress’ Tears (done at Gallo Tower)
    • Glass Vizard (done at Moongolow)
    • Mindbender (achieve 50 entries in your Collection)
    • Yellow Sign
    • Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane
    • Great Gospel (done at Cappella Magna)

So, indeed, getting to Golden Finger is excruciatingly difficult and takes a lot of time. You can always use the secret Vampire Survivors spells (cheats) to speed things up. Check out the rest of our Vampire Survivors guides as well for more stuff about this lovely indie roguelite game.

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