How to Get Green Checkmarks in Super Mario Wonder

Green checkmarks can be elusive in Super Mario Wonder. Here's how to get them.

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After completing a level in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, you can see what you collected and what’s missing, but getting a green checkmark is a surefire way to ensure you’ve found everything. Here’s how to get green checkmarks in Super Mario Wonder.

How to Get Green Checkmarks in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder gives you a green checkmark once you get a course to 100% completion. With 100+ levels, this can seem like a daunting task if you’re aiming to get checkmarks for all courses. However, there are usually just three objectives you need to keep track of:

  • Three Purple Flower Coins
  • Wonder Seeds
  • Gold Flags 

When you pull up the Courses Menu in Super Mario Wonder, you’ll see dotted, empty slots for anything you’re missing. While the Flower Coins and Wonder Seeds are pretty self-explanatory, the Gold Flag is only achieved if you get to the top of the flag pole. In some cases, such as Search Party courses and Break Time levels, you’ll likely only need one Wonder Seed to get that 100% green checkmark. 

Missing Green Checkmarks

Sometimes you’ll find all Purple Flower Coins and Wonder Seeds, and you’ve jumped high for your Gold Flag, but the green checkmark is still missing. So, if you’ve seemingly completed everything, what’s going on? Sometimes, courses in Super Mario Wonder have hidden objectives, such as secret exits. If you don’t have a green checkmark, that means it’s time to dive back in and go hunting for those secrets.

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Get Help From Player Ghosts

Whether it’s an elusive secret exit or a tricky Wonder Seed, something might keep you from getting that checkmark. When I’m stuck, watching player shadows via Super Mario Wonder’s online multiplayer mode has proven to be a big help. In some cases, players have witnessed me running around aimlessly, trying to figure out how to get a hard-to-reach Purple Coin. After watching their shadow, I can usually recreate what they did even if I can’t see everything on their screen. 

Players often place Standees to hint that there’s a secret nearby. I’ve noticed players placing their Standee on hidden blocks, for example. So, from my perspective, I’d see it floating in mid-air, which tells me it’s time to jump! If you’re still missing something on your objectives list, follow the footsteps of other players or their Standees, and you’ll get that green checkmark in no time. 

How to Get Gold Flags in Super Mario Wonder

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Gold Flags aren’t always a requirement for the green checkmark, but when they are, you’ll occasionally have to get creative about where and how you make the jump. 

Oftentimes, you’ll have to use the environment to get a higher jumping-off point. In the Badge Challenge Dolphin Kick II, I realized at the end that I took the wrong pipe, ending up on the ground. There was no way I could jump high enough to reach the top of the flag. However, there was a platform above accessed by a different pipe. I retried the level, found that hidden pipe, and used it to reach higher ground. From there, I jumped and received the Gold Flag, which was the last thing I needed to 100% the challenge.

That’s how to get green checkmarks in Super Mario Wonder. It’s a fun challenge to get each course to 100%, and if you’re playing online, you can get help from other players on your search for Purple Flower Coins and Wonder Seeds! For more on Super Mario Wonder, dive into our growing guides hub

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