How to Get Gronk’s Sword in Muck Game

Follow our guide, if you want to know how to beat Gronk boss and get Gronk's sword in Muck survival game.

Follow our guide, if you want to know how to beat Gronk boss and get Gronk's sword in Muck survival game.
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The latest update for Muck on Steam has introduced a new vicious boss named Gronk. This giant goblin carries two massive swords that deal more damage than most adventurers can deal with, but if you manage to beat him you may get Gronk’s Sword, a powerful weapon.

Our guide will provide you with all the tips on how to beat Gronk and get his sword in Muck. You should prepare for the fight as soon as possible, since he just might attack you out of nowhere, particularly at nighttime. Be prepared!

Muck: How to Beat Gronk and Get Gronk’s Sword

Prepare for the Fight

Before fighting Gronk, you need to make sure that you can handle his attacks by crafting strong armor and deal enough damage to kill him by crafting either a good sword or a bow.

The best type of armor against Gronk is Mithril armor. It can be crafted in the anvil with the help of the following recipe:

  • Helmet: 5x Mithril bar
  • Chest: 20x Mithril bar
  • Legs: 15x Mithril bar
  • Shoes: 5x Mithril bar

All together, you will need 45x Mithril bars to craft this armor. Mithril is a blue stone that can be found on the ground and mined with a pickaxe.

You’re going to want to use a good bow to fight Gronk. The Ancient Bow is a good choice for this fight, if you manage to find it as a loot drop from goblins, or craft it at the fletching table using this recipe:

  • 1x Ancient Bone
  • 1x Rope

This bow gets bonus damage when shooting Elemental Arrows that also can be crafted at fletching table using:

  • 1x Elemental Ball
  • 1x Dark Oak Wood

If you don’t like using bows, then you can craft the Mithril Sword at the anvil with the help of:

  • 5x Mithril bar
  • 5x Fir Wood

When you have your weapons and gear ready, you will also need a few power-ups that will keep you alive and help you deal more damage, such as:

  • Robin Hood Hat for better bow shooting
  • Danis Milk for better defenses
  • Jetpack for better dodging

All these can be found as loot drops inside treasure chests.

Gronk Boss Fight

Gronk can be summoned, just like any other boss in Muck, using Gronk’s statue. It can be found somewhere random, depending on the world generation. But Gronk can also appear out of nowhere on the fifth or sixth day of survival. He can also appear at night, so always be prepared to meet him.

Gronk’s entire attack pattern consists of three repeating moves:

  1. Forward dashing attack
  2. Blade throwing attack
  3. Ground slam attack

First, he will try to attack you with his sword in a forward dashing attack. It’s better to just dodge this attack or run away from him if you can. There is no point in trying to deflect this. Once he stops running, approach him from behind and strike him as many times as you can.

Then, he will try to throw both of his swords at you. Once again, dodge the blades and when Gronk stands still, approach him from behind and start hitting him with your weapon.

Finally, he will slam both of his swords into the ground generating blade projectiles that will fly out in all directions. This attack is the hardest one to dodge, but you can manage to jump over the projectiles. When you have the chance, approach Gronk from behind as he stands still, and hit him as hard as you can.

All this may sound very simple, but don’t underestimate Gronk, as he is a very strong opponent. If you didn’t kill him the first time, Gronk will repeat the same cycle once again.


Once Gronk is defeated you will be rewarded with the following items:

  • Gronk’s Sword
  • Ancient Core
  • Blade
  • Sword Hilt

When the Gronk’s Sword is unlocked, you will be able to craft it anytime at the anvil using the following recipe:

  • 1x Blade
  • 1x Sword Hilt
  • 10x Dark Oak Wood

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Gronk’s sword in Muck. Check out other Muck tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

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