How to Get Into Blizzard’s Overwatch Beta

Want to get in on Blizzard's Overwatch Beta? Check here to find out how!

Want to get in on Blizzard's Overwatch Beta? Check here to find out how!

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Blizzard dropped a bombshell on us last Friday, announcing their first all new IP in 17 years, Overwatch. Overwatch is a first-person objective-based shooter. With this announcement comes the question, “how do I get in to the Beta Test?”


This is the only way to put your name in the prospective Beta Tester pool at the moment!

To opt-in: log into your account and visit the Overwatch page. Both at the top and at the bottom of the Overwatch page is a Beta Sign Up button, click that and confirm you want to sign up for the Beta on the following page.

This will let Blizzard know that you are interested in playing the Overwatch Beta. If you follow the steps properly it will take you to the Beta Profile Settings page of your account details and Future Beta will be selected. For visual representation take a look at the images below.

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