The Gracious Hand church in Dragon's Dogma 2
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How to Get into the Basement Sickroom in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Getting through the Basement Sickroom door in Dragon's Dogma 2 takes a bit of patience, but it's not hard.

There are a lot of locked doors in Dragon’s Dogma 2, many of them tied to quests. The Basement Sickroom, one such locked door in the Saint of the Slums quest, is one of the easier to open, provided you have enough patience, luck, or both to find it unguarded.

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How to Unlock the Basement Sickroom Door in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The Basement Sickroom door in the Saint of the Slums in Dragon's Dogma 2
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Here’s the fun part about getting through the Basement Sickroom door in Dragon’s Dogma 2: you don’t need a key, an attack, or any other kind of special item. All you need to do is wait for the opportune moment.

Specifically, you want to wait until Elena has just left the Sickroom and is walking up the stairs to the main room in The Gracious Hand church. If you time it just right, she’ll pass you on the stairs, and you can simply walk into the briefly unlocked Basement Sickroom.

Lady Elena, the antagonist of Saint of the Slums, is particularly cautious about keeping the door tightly locked during the day and most of the night, but if you exploit this narrow moment, you’ll be in.

In my playthrough, I was able to get into the Sickroom in the middle of the night, around midnight or so. All my investigations during the day were met with failure. The window to actually get into the room is probably fairly small, as well. The small room where you find the Beggar’s Clothes in the Beggar’s Tale quest has a similarly small window in the early morning, so this kind of quest design is fairly commonplace in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

One of the quest items in Saint of the Slums in Dragon's Dogma 2
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Once in the Sickroom, you’re looking for two items in the small office at its back: the Unlabeled Medicine and Records of Treatment. I collected both and then had one of my pawns mention we should look carefully for more. Don’t worry about that; there aren’t any more to find. If there were, you’d see the yellow column of light that denotes more items.

One last word of advice about the Saint of the Slums quest (though this isn’t a guide for the quest more broadly). Do not use R2 or the right trigger to grab Lady Elena until you are positive you have enough evidence to convict her. After eavesdropping on her secret meeting, I grabbed her by accident and ended the quest without the proof that would see her misdeeds punished. Her indignation at being captured was amusing, however.

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