How to Get Killua in Roblox A Universal Time AUT

Wondering how to unlock Killua, one of the most OP stands in Roblox A Universal Time AUT? Here's how.

Wondering how to unlock Killua, one of the most OP stands in Roblox A Universal Time AUT? Here's how.

Killua, a character from Hunter x Hunter, is one of the most overpowered stands in Roblox A Universal Time. But they are also one of the hardest stands to get, as their quest requires players to deal highly specific amounts of damage, which is not that easy to achieve. So if you’re wondering how to get Killua, this guide has all the info you need.

This guide will provide you with tips and tricks on how to get Killua in Roblox A Universal Time. Just follow all the steps listed below, and soon you’ll be able to unlock this powerful stand.

How to Get Killua in Roblox AUT

The brightly-colored Killua beach stand in Roblox.

To unlock Killua, you need to speak to his NPC, which can be found on the Beach. Once you agree to become the successor of his tradition, the quest will begin.

Endure the Way of Yakuza

This task requires you to take damage for 777 seconds exactly. Taking into account that a single hit lasts about one second, you can calculate how much damage you will take.

This depends on your character’s level, but make sure that you survive while being under 150 HP, which is another condition you must meet in order to complete this challenge.

Deal Damage

Now it’s your turn to deal damage. You need to inflict 7,777 points of damage. The time frame to do so is unlimited, but the sooner you do it, the better.

You can use a dummy for inflicting damage, but you can also choose to fight actual enemies in the game to gain some progress while you’re at it.


This is the easiest task of all; all you need to do is press the C key to dash 77 times.

Take Damage Again

This is similar to Step 2, but this time, you need to take 7,777 points of damage. Once again, you can use a dummy to provide the necessary damage.

Use Arrows

Now you need to either purchase seven arrows from the shop (each costs $1,500) or you can farm them from the meteor, which has relatively high drop rate of 60-70%.

Once you get and use all seven arrows, this task will be completed.

Use Brawler’s Instinct

Brawler’s Instinct can be activated with the help of a V-skill when your character is Standless. You need to repeat this move 77 times on a dummy.

Get Killua

After completing all of these steps, you will be rewarded with the item called “Yo-Yo“. Use it while staying Standless on the Killua NPC at the Beach, and you will unlock the Killua stand.

That’s all you need to know on how to get Killua in Roblox A Universal Time AUT. If you’re looking for the best stands tier list guide, then check out this page.

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