Single shot-shotgun recipe in Duckside
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How to Get Metal Fragments in Duckside

Crafting your first gun in Duckside should be a priority, so get ready to learn how to make it before other ducks find your base.

Getting a bow and arrow is easy in Duckside as the materials are all over the map and are easy to obtain, but things get hard when you try to make your first gun, as it requires a resource called Metal Fragments. If you can’t find it, get ready to learn how to get Metal Fragments in Duckside.

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Duckside: How to Find Metal Fragments

There is no direct way of getting Metal Fragments in Duckside. Instead, I had to recycle as many items as possible until I discovered the easiest way. Wires and nails could be two of the easiest items to find in Duckside, as wires and nails are in boxes, containers, and even barrels scattered across the map.

A truck with barrels on the side of the road in Duckside
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One of the easiest ways to get some wires and nails is to look for pickup trucks along the road and break all the barrels on them. It is very likely that after doing that a couple of times, you’ll have plenty of Metal Fragments to recycle. Recycling one wire will get you one Metal Fragment, so you must gather as many wires as possible to recycle them all at once and not risk dying from players lurking for unexpected enemies.

If you get tired of gathering stacks of wires and nails, recycling automatic shutters and springs also turns into Metal Fragments but in larger quantities.

Duckside: How to Make Gunpowder

After getting your first weapon, the single-shot shotgun, you’ll realize it comes with only one shell, so making more will be in your best interest. To make gunpowder, you need to gather sulfur and charcoal. Both resources are tricky to get if you don’t know where to look.

To get charcoal, you must either make a campfire or a furnace. Making a furnace will be more efficient as you can make charcoal and sulfur at the same time. Before even thinking about building a furnace, you must gather lots of wood and sulfur ore.

In Duckside, wood is all over the map, as it is covered with trees and bushes, so you should take their stone axes and go to work. To get sulfur ore, you must mine sulfur rocks with a pickaxe.

These sulfur rocks are easy to recognize as they have yellow spots all over them, as can be seen in the image above. After gathering both resources, you will need to build the furnace. If you have been destroying barrels as we instructed, you must have plenty of alcohol in your inventory to make a furnace.

After making your furnace, you’ll need to put wood and sulfur ore inside it and light it up until both resources run out at the expense of some sulfur and charcoal. Once you have sulfur and charcoal, you only need to take a few more steps until you can make gunpowder.

To craft gunpowder, you must have a level one workbench. At this point, you should have some remaining Metal Fragments and wood. If you do, the only thing needed will be Metal Alloy.

One of the easiest ways to get Metal Alloy is to recycle items like drills, radio components, cellphones, watches, spare, and rifle parts. Once you get enough resources, you must build the workbench and start making your gunpowder.

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